Time off Application in Odoo 16

December 7, 2022

Time off has a significant impact on a company. By organizing and planning the leaves of employees, a company can increase its production and customer satisfaction. Indeed, an effective leave management system will provide scheduling enough people for annual leave and make sure that it’s nowhere affecting the productivity of the company. Odoo can help us make a good work-life balance.

By making use of the Time Off application in Odoo, employees can request leave and see how many days are left for them, etc. and HR can summarize the position of the current statuses of leaves.

Let’s look into the Time of application in the database of Odoo 16.

The dashboard of the Time Off application will appear on selecting the Time off module


Here the user can see how many leaves he is left with a glance and what types of leaves are available for him. One can also have the list view of the same as well.

 In the year view in the dashboard, a user can delete his not approved time off requests.

From the dashboard, a user can view the Validity Date of his available leave allocations which is a newly added feature in Odoo 16.

When two times off requests overlap an error message pops out because of the newly added validation feature in Odoo 16

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We can see a different time off under the below navigation

configuration—>Time off types


Here we can edit the existing time off by clicking on it and also we can create a new time off by making use of the CREATE button.

On creating a new time off we have a window as shown below where we can give a name for the time off and provide the details like who to allow for the approval, assign a Time-off officer, whether the time off should happen within the allocation, provision to support documents, setting whether to provide provision for employees to ask for extra days, etc.


Accrual Plans

We can access the accrual plan from Configuration—>Accrual Plans


In Odoo 16 we can set a limit to the maximum number of accrual leaves to be transferred whereas in Odoo 15 we needed to transfer all the accrual leaves if carry forwarding was to be done to the next year.

Public Day Off


We can also set and create new public holidays under Configuration→Public Holidays.

When a public day off is created and if any user has already requested time off for that day earlier, it will be canceled automatically and gets updated in his available leaves.

Stress Days

In Odoo 16 we have an option as Stress days where the company can also set some days as stress days where no employee can ask for leave for those days. Also, stress days can be created by the department and stress days can also be linked to a department.


New stress days can be created by giving a specific name and we can assign the dates. And specify which all departments come under the corresponding stress days.


In Odoo 16, the approvals menu is automatically shown when users are having time off or allocation requests are to be approved without requiring new access rights.

 Default Time Off

When creating a new time off request, the default time off type selection in Odoo 16 is based on the order of the time off types under configuration.


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