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Bassam Infotech- The Leading Odoo ERP & CRM Software Development Company in India, UAE, Saudi Arabia and US

December 22, 2020
manyWith an enviable network in India and abroad, the Top Odoo ERP Company Bassam Infotech is at the forefront of Official Odoo partners by creating a sound base of happy customers. We script stories of success in proving to the world what a free software program can do for its prospective clients. From tailor-made service to the basic interface for business functioning, the company has multi-dimensional operations to attract new customers every day. The company leaps to growth on the goodwill and satisfaction of thousands of customers whom we value as proud partners in the business.

Bassam Infotech The Official Odoo Partner - Top Odoo Erp Company

At Bassam Infotech, the clients are sure to get the best product with the best customization option. Being the official Odoo partner, the company has unlimited options to reach out to the customers’ needs and better understand their requirements to start with. One of the major attractions is that Bassam Infotech the Top Odoo ERP Company gives you the latest product from Odoo’s stable. The updated versions released every time by the company are always the best pick to streamline the company operations. Also, we give you timely alerts on the best products, services, and latest additions to help you be aware of the progress in the free software sector.

The leader in ERP Software Development

The key reason to pick Bassam Inotech the Top Odoo ERP Company for your requirement is its team members who are seasoned professionals to get you the best software package. With 24 years of experience, the company knows the pulse of new and existing customers. They know the apt requirements to get you updated with the changing time. The quality of service without charging a hefty som continues to be the most attractive factor. From small businesses to big industries, there are plenty of options to test. There is also support service, consultation, implementation, and post-implementation help which again. [embed][/embed]

Leading CRM Development Company

Bassam Infotech products are best suited for leading business entrepreneurs to manage customer satisfaction. Its tailor-made Odoo software programs can ensure effective contact management and marketing operations. The manual way of arranging or holding business meetings in companies can migrate to an awesome e-ambiance with Odoo. It can help in planning and scheduling meetings. It can offer uninterrupted support to interact with customers. There are live chat options to facilitate such interactions. The help desk and repair module are also helpful tools in CRM modules, where Bassam Infotech’s touch has won thousands of customers.

Cost-effective ERP and CRM solutions

Integrating available Odoo modules in the desired way guarantees an unparalleled operational experience for the users. And, what you get from here is the best affordable solution in the field. At Bassam Infotech the Top Odoo ERP Company, the products are delivered after truly understanding the customers’ requirements and the nature of their daily business. The after-sales support with a team of professionals makes sure that the customers are happy with their Odoo experience and that they know well about its scope. Even a novice business entrepreneur can trust Odoo applications from Bassam Infotech as the cloud-based operations make it easy for them. They can even function without maintaining a dedicated server or backup as Odoo offers cloud-based ERP with numerous options.

Empower your operations with the Top Odoo ERP Company

The upgrade of service from a manual platform to streamlined Odoo software predicts drastic changes in the professional services of a company or industry. It offers quick service delivery, micro-level management of assets, clear monitoring of resources, streamlined operations of HR services, accurate purchase, and perfect handling of inventory. An enhancement of these services with Odoo thus empowers the companies with high potential to emerge as great performers in their fields.


Custom ERP at its best

The potential of a free software program actually lies in the hands of an expert developer. At Bassam Infotech, the customization process is done after knowing the clients’ minds and their preferences. The end product will be loaded with features and modules which can definitely meet all the desired requirements. Adding the right module with the right software requires expertise, where Bassam Infotech stands a class apart from its competitors. Even after using a particular software for a long time, one can easily seek the service of trained technicians to add more to the software and get ready for a better experience each time.

Smooth Integration of applications

An ERP gets an upper hand when additional modules are integrated into it. People who have already experienced Bassam Infotech Odoo products will definitely look for add-on options to gradually migrate to fully software-based management. One attraction is that different applications be integrated into an Odoo ERP depending on the industry or service for a better and greater experience. There are even successful examples where customers integrate CRM and ERP for more competent and efficient functioning.

Cloud-based ERP and CRM support

Cloud-based ERP and CRM support mainly target people who are less interested in owning their own servers and management team as part of their cost-cutting strategies. At Bassam Infotech, the technicians truly understand this strategy and offer a lot of alternative solutions to help the clients. Those who do not have in-house server support can confidently approach Bassam Infotech for managing the same with cloud options. The biggest advantage is that it can be accessed from anywhere. The proprietors can also monitor their work quickly with no network interruptions from anywhere. In effect, the geographical boundaries are the least bothersome for people who are keen to explore cloud operations.

Assured data safety and security

Flawless coding is the basic requisite for designing a free software application for professional use. At Bassam Infotech, the process gets special attention as the company truly understands the risks involved. Considering this, expert developers who know the art of preventing even the overlooked loopholes in your secure world handled the area only. At Bassam Infotech, data protection is guaranteed as no unpermitted access can harm your work. The long years of experience in handling such concerns help the technical team to proceed with confidence and ability.

Post-implementation support

At Bassam Infotech, responsibility defines the true nature of professionalism. Post-implementation support is not a cakewalk for many companies as teething troubles may upset their peace. However, Bassam Infotech the Top Odoo ERP Company takes a different stand to make its customers comfortable with the product in their domain. As part of post-implementation support, it holds training programs, enhancement support, and constant monitoring help to explore the maximum out of the ERP and get it reflected in your business.


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