ERP Solutions Unveiled by Dubai’s Top Odoo Providers at GITEX 2023

October 13, 2023

One of the biggest and most renowned annual technology events in the Middle East, the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition offers a stage for technological businesses. Tech businesses and industries, such as ERP solution providers get a chance to present their most recent developments and goods at the Expo. 

The most influential technology exhibition in the Middle East, GITEX attracts a diverse and highly targeted audience of IT professionals, business leaders, etc. Besides, potential customers from across the region visit the Expo every year. With the chance to showcase their latest products at GITEX, Odoo providers can tap into this extensive and captive audience. Thus, enhancing the customer base and supporting the establishment of a strong presence in the Middle East market.

Dubai’s Top Odoo providers play a significant role at events like GITEX. Being a popular open-source ERP and business management software suite, their demonstration helps visitors. Odoo partners or Odoo integrators showcase their solutions at GITEX and engage in various activities to promote Odoo and attract potential customers and partners. 

What Do Odoo Companies Do at GITEX?

Booth Exhibitions

GITEX supports Odoo providers to set up booths or exhibition spaces where they can showcase Odoo ERP solutions. These booths function as workspaces where they can carry out live demonstrations. Besides, they can also offer interactive displays, and informational materials about Odoo’s features and capabilities.

Product Demonstrations

If the customer is confused about the advantages and user-friendliness of Odoo, a demonstration can set aside their worries. Visitors to the Odoo booth can expect to see live product demonstrations. Thus, they can gain a hands-on understanding of how Odoo works and how it can benefit their businesses.

Customization and Integration Showcase

Why should a business decide on an ERP without trusting its capabilities? The GITEX show helps them view and experience the flexibility and ease of customization of Odoo tools. Odoo’s top providers like Bassam Infotech, will demonstrate how they can tailor Odoo to meet specific industry or business needs. They will also highlight integrations with other software systems that enhance Odoo’s functionality.

Consultation Services

If you are looking for an Odoo Consultancy service, a visit to GITEX may help find out the best consultants. Attendees can meet with consultants and experts to discuss their business requirements and explore how Odoo can address their specific challenges.

Client Success Stories

Case studies play as eye openers to businesses while choosing Odoo implementation partners. Odoo Companies at GITEX will share case studies and success stories of businesses for whom they have implemented Odoo. This helps potential customers understand the real-world benefits of using Odoo.

Training and Support Services

Getting the best Odoo training and support decides the success of an ERP and its productivity. Odoo providers at GITEX offer information about training programs and ongoing support services they provide to help businesses. Thus, the visitors can get the most out of their Odoo installations.

Networking Opportunities

GITEX is a hub for networking with businesses and technology providers. Odoo providers use this platform to connect with potential customers, partners, and other stakeholders. The participating ERP providers may organize networking events or participate in industry-specific meetups.

Announcements and Updates

GITEX is a global platform where Odoo providers announce new features, enhancements, or updates to their Odoo solutions. Additionally, the GITEX event ensures consultation sessions where attendees can ask questions and get expert advice on how to implement Odoo effectively in their businesses.

Promotions and Discounts

When there is competition and availability of several companies offering similar services, the companies tend to give special offers and discounts. GITX is not different. To encourage adoption, Odoo providers may offer special promotions, discounts, or incentives for businesses that sign up for Odoo services during GITEX.

Advantages for Businesses

Many ERP vendors make use of the venue to introduce their most recent ERP software solutions. Additionally, brand-new ERP products that are specialized to a particular industry or set of business requirements, as well as updates and new features will be released at the event. Besides, many ERP vendors book booths or displays to highlight and promote their products. Attendees can anticipate interactive displays and live demonstrations that emphasize the features and advantages of the latest ERPs.

Every ERP provider is striving to meet industry-specific requirements. These ERP providers get a chance to introduce their ERPs dedicated to manufacturing, healthcare, retail, finance, etc. Additionally,  GITEX gives suppliers the chance to present and advertise these specialized solutions. As cloud-based ERP solutions have grown in popularity, ERP providers promote the benefit of cloud-based services.

Visit GITEX to learn about the integration capabilities of new ERP solutions. The users can familiarise ERP connectivity with IoT (Internet of Things) devices and AI-powered analytics etc. Apart from this, ERP providers can introduce new features or mobile apps to users. that allow users to access and manage ERP tasks from anywhere as the need for remote work and mobile access to business data grows.

ERP vendors place a high priority on enhancing user experience. Updates to user interfaces, dashboards, and reporting tools aimed at improving the usability of ERP systems will be presented to attendees. Besides, the users can also familiarise themselves with AI-driven analytics and predictive insights. Reporting features of Odoo ERP can be viewed and experienced to help the companies decide on their modules and features. Apart from this, the visitors will get a personalized experience of the security features and compliance support. 

Meet us at Gitex

In short, users of Odoo have a priceless opportunity to stay current on changes to the Odoo ecosystem by attending GITEX. By connecting with experts like Bassam Infotech, they may receive individualized guidance on how to improve their Odoo deployments while also exploring new features, integrations, and advancements directly from Odoo providers, learning about best practices and customization choices. Additionally, GITEX offers a venue for networking with other users, prospective business partners, and industry colleagues, encouraging knowledge sharing and cooperation to optimize the utility and effectiveness of their Odoo ERP systems in a constantly changing technological environment.

If you have any queries contact Bassam Infotech, the only Odoo Partner from India to join Odoo at their Booth at GITEX 2023.


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