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Translation in Odoo 15 An overview

April 13, 2022
Your business must have some kind of multi-language ERP if it operates in different countries with different languages. Today, English is the world's lingua franca, and many people throughout the world learn English at school. Many employees are unable to work in English on a day-to-day basis, and their native language is essential for global business. Communication is likely to play a significant role in the success or failure of these companies and how they are run. A lack of communication can result in errors, lost profits, or dissatisfied customers. The translation of the application for the optimization of all business organizational processes opens the door to multiple subjects, all of which must be thoroughly understood and mastered in order to be productive. With its advanced translation tools, Odoo is one of the best ERP systems available. Odoo supports different languages.OdooERP is designed so that each user can work in the language that is most comfortable for them. Moreover, Odoo's Language Translation Feature can be used to translate words, labels, and strings into other languages. And it's very easy to use Odoo translation. Firstly go to the settings and activate the developer mode. Now you can see the menu translations in Setting -> Translations Under Translations, you will find the menu Languages, where you will find a list of languages you can click on any of them and activate them, or you can also create a new language by clicking the create button. Translation in Odoo You can specify the name of the language, code direction, date format, decimal precision, time format etc. by clicking on the active button, and you can activate the language. After providing all the necessary details, click on the Save button. The new language will add to the language list. Odoo 15

Export Translation:

Under the Translation menu, you find the export translation menu. Click on it to export your file. Export Translation A wizard will pop up where you can choose the language, like which language you want to export the template. You can specify the file format. And under the apps to export, you can choose multiple modules to which you want to export the translations. After that, click on the export button to export your translation templates.

Import Translation:

You can find the import translation menu under the translations in settings.Import Translation By clicking on the import translation menu, a wizard will pop up. Here you can see the name of the language you want to import, the code you specified on the language master while creating the language, and upload the file. The template is the same as the export template. In Odoo, you can easily export and import your languages.

Translated Terms:

You can find the Translated terms under the Translations in the settings. A tree view shows each translated field with its language, module, type, and status of translation. The translation tool also helps to check if the field and menu names have been translated or not. Here, you can easily update or add new translations. The translation is one of the most convenient features of Odoo. By using Odoo translation, you can easily import and export your translations.

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