Utility Management Software in UAE and Need of Odoo ERP for Utility Management

December 3, 2021

Utility management lets you identify the amount of energy that your machine has generated. In particular, it assists electric, gas, sewer, water, and waste removal businesses in managing their business, including billing and customer service. Odoo Utility management software offers a range of options for property owners as well as managers in multi-family as well as commercial communities to decrease or eliminate gas, water, and electric bills, etc. Therefore, Odoo is a collection of open-source business applications that help you manage your utility efficiently and precisely.

Need of Odoo ERP for Utility Management

An Odoo ERP software for Utility Management will eliminate your worries about the management of various processes. It is able to organize and manage operations like the management of contracts, customer support, accounting, and more. Utility management software allows businesses to improve their budgeting, report forecasts, and maximize their energy consumption by using accurate data in live data. A Right Odoo ERP Tool also helps businesses automate the process of evaluating energy bills for tenants and tenant meters to increase the efficiency of cost allocation within their organizations.

The Role Of Odoo in Utility Management

With the help of the Odoo ERP solution, we can cut down on the long and tedious process of paper, and all requirements and needs can be fulfilled quickly and efficiently.
Managers of businesses can assign and coordinate resources in an extremely effective way and improve productivity and profitability in the company. Additionally, it helps manage all aspects of the property management operations, from acquisition, accountability monitoring, responsibility and usage maintenance, etc.
Utility Management aims to help users tackle issues with multidisciplinary perspectives related to utility management and related services.

The Most Significant Benefits of Bassam Infotech Odoo Utility Management Software,

  • It is a unique application that assists in managing utility management without paperwork.
  • It offers an array of Modules.
  • Management of property and Units.
  • Control each contract of the customers and unit  


Let’s dive into the Advantages of Odoo ERP for the Utility Management Industry.

Contract Management

The system will gather information and then store it for quick and simple to refer to. Utility Management Control of Contracts and create contracts for each customer concerning the unit. Create contract requests and customer details. It is possible to do this and more using the utility management system. The software helps to reduce the amount of time and effort required to keep records. Against every tenant, you can set up multiple contracts.

Contract Termination

In Odoo Utility Management Software Contract termination is also possible.

Property Management

Property Management will allow users to manage their property to specific information such as general information about the property and the history of the property and specific details of the sub-properties and occupancy figures. Rent rate utility details of properties and property transfer to customers.

Schedule Meter Readings

Monthly automatic meter readings can be scheduled, and invoices can be generated.


We are able to keep track of the costs and expenses that relate to Utility Management. Track employee costs and operational expenses efficiently. The expense for every employee’s travel for measurement of meters or other assistance can be maintained, and the maintenance cost of each tenant or other material could be tracked. All the expenses are added to the financial accounting.


Each invoice and payment against the property or customer will be maintained. In a single invoice, a single customer’s water/gas/electricity can be tracked separately and calculated with the analytic accounting feature, And against these invoices, separate customer receipts can be maintained. Apart from this, Odoo offers complete transparency in accounting operations. Customer or property accounts management and every other aspect of accounting are easy with Odoo.


odoo customer receipt
odoo customer receipt


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