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Open source ERP : Where Opportunities outweigh Challenges

Today’s world needs freedom. No one likes to be dependent on others, and all need independence. This is applicable in every aspect of life. It doesn’t matter whether it is personal or official. So when it comes to Open Source ERP, it applies. So how can we get rid of dependency in ERP Implementation? Now let us take the case of leading ERP. Most of the ERP’s are not open source. Means IP rights and ownership belong to a specific company. So what are the challenges in Implementing such ERP’s?

When you try to implement, unlike customer software, there requires a few or lots of customization requirements in order to achieve your complete process flow and objective. You don’t have access to the source code. So what next? Either the company or the person who owns the ERP should do the customization for you. So charges will be high. You implemented, and tomorrow you need to add another functionality. Again you need to approach them and get it fixed for the charges they put on you. So as long as you use the application, you are dependent on this single company. Now, what if the company closes or changes the policies or a takeover has happened by another company? You have to follow all the changes they made. Software updates will always be there, and most of the time, it will be optional whether you accept the updates or not. After a certain period of time, the company announces that they will support only a particular version or above, and all other versions will be obsolete. So no support. You will be forced to upgrade, which is never free.

Now let us come back to the benefits of an open source Erp. Before that, let me tell you a myth on open source that open source software is free software. Open source software should not be confused with free software as all open source is not free. Then what does it mean by Open source Erp ? Open source means you will have access to full source code, and you will have full access to the codes and are allowed to make any customization that you like. Applications like Odoo Community versions are both open source and free. So it would be best if you had customization. You approach a company, and they charge more; you are free to move to another company to get this done. Do you have an employee with you who know the application, you can get your things done using them. If your employee resigns, hire a new person who knows this application, and you can continue with your application. The upgrade comes; you can get it done free or with minimal charges.

So, in short, you are not dependent on any company or individual or freelancer or employee, and you are always free to switch between these, where you can get the best service from wherever it is available.

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