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Why Bassam Infotech is Not a Cost-effective ERP solution provider ? | Cost-Effective ERP Solution

Have you ever thought of the most significant factor which often prevents the prospective entrepreneurs to opt for Enterprise Resource Planning Software..? It is always the high cost of the majority of paid options available in the software industry. The high implementation cost, fee for migration of data, heavily paid technical support and additional cost for internal training come as the biggest challenge for anyone who looks for the paid version of the costly software programmes in the industry.

Believe it, an ambitious entrepreneur has unlimited options in the free software world. The customisation of the readily available software program can rise upto the expectations of any industry. Among the leading free software programs in the ERP sector, Odoo assumes the top position. It has scaled covetable heights in the industry with trustworthy performance, easy implementation, cost-effective maintenance and fully dedicated technical support at the most viable rate.

Bassam Infotech, the official Odoo partner, is here to provide you with the cost-effective Odoo Apps at the most affordable rates.

Bassam Infotech, Cost effective Official Odoo Partner

Bassam Infotech is an official partner of Odoo and is eligible to provide all Odoo ERP related support to the clients. We offer the services at the lowest rate hoping to help the business ventures. 

Why Bassam Infotech is the most Cost effective ERP solution provider?

Let’s have a quick look at what makes Bassam Infotech the most trusted and cost-effective ERP solution provider in the world.

Community and Enterprise editions

  • Unlike the heavily-paid software packages, Odoo, the most popular ERP, offers its community edition at free of cost for the aspiring businesspersons and industrialists. The community edition comes up with all the essential features, to begin with the ERP operations. One of the important features of the community edition is that it can be gradually upgraded to the higher editions at a very affordable cost.
  • As the name signifies, the enterprise edition is a reasonably priced edition of the Odoo for advanced operations. Though it comes as the paid option, it is available at the most affordable rate compared to that of other options in the software industry. Though the price is cheaper it hasn’t affected the product’s quality, features and amazing options to execute any task.

Low cost for technical support

Once installed, the paid software operators charge a hefty fee for its timely maintenance, upgrading and other technical support. Many a time, it may take several days to get the prompt support and settle the issues. Also, there are chances to re-install the whole software in case of unexpected technical failures. On such occasions, the owners concerned may have to reinvest for overcoming the situation.

With Odoo ERP implemented by Bassam Infotech, one can definitely get the most affordable technical support 24×7. Whatever is the task, your trusted partner and service provider will be at the door-step for service support. Both online and offline technical support is available for the signed up entrepreneurs who have inked association with Bassam Infotech. 

Low cost for training

The basic requirement to start with the operation of any ERP is the required training for the staff. At Bassam Infotech, the training support is actually part of the delivery management system. Until the partners get comfortable with the new product, the technical teams will be beside them to handle the affairs. The biggest advantage of joining hands with Bassam Infotech is that the technical errors and the subsequent headaches will be very rare.


Easy goodbye to legacy systems

For those who are glued their eyes to the legacy systems, the migration of data to a new software programme will be a stumbling block. For the majority, the cost being charged by many of the ERP provides comes as the biggest concern. Bassam Infotech offers you an implementation package which charges only affordable rate for migration and other activities.

Data migration activity of Bassam Infotech is very affordable for even beginners in the industrial sector. Those who have already migrated to the new ERP platform are now enjoying good and long term relationship with our firm. The word of mouth publicity is one of the highlights of Odoo ERP by Bassam Infotech where genuine service is always guaranteed.

Affordable cloud support

For most of the heavily paid ERPs, cloud support is an area to squeeze out the aspiring entrepreneurs. Citing technical difficulties and the need of human resources support, many companies charge the rates according to their personal discretion. At Odoo, the cloud support comes at a very economical rate compared to that of the competing ERPs. The cloud support programmes are the latest trend now, where the companies can save a lot of money earmarked for maintaining their own server, technicians and other requirements.

While signing up with the Odoo cloud project, one gets unlimited access to the cloud infrastructure, including the hosting process, affordable backup service, email integration works, high-end security and a very active control center to manage the daily affairs. Easy upgrading of the service is also one of the economical features available for the aspiring clients.

Financial guidance for integration

At Bassam Infotech, the customer’s requirements get high priority. You can choose what you want to streamline the operations of your company. With the community and enterprising editions, we give options to choose the required module to expand the operations. There is also the freedom to select one by one depending on the firm’s budget and convenience.

Every year, the signed up partners enhance their ERP without much expenses. Also, there are newer modules available every time to meet the emerging requirements of the business and industrial world.

Come to Bassam Infotech, dream big

Quick installation, easy maintenance, an array of attractive modules and well-equipped technicians are the basic highlights of Odoo. The Official Odoo Partner Bassam Infotech never put off the investors’ spirit citing economic reasons. Having Odoo ERP by Team Bassam is the first step to reduce the operational cost. It is also the beginning to net better profits with better operations.

One can simplify the multi-tasking goals and move forward in a futuristic way. When you tie up with Bassam Infotech, you bring your business to a single point where you feel the ease of controlling everything under a single platform for amazing growth. You learn to make everyone accountable for their tasks. The company’s whole human resources and its different wings get integrated with this single ERP, where the management gets the most professional tough.


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