Why is Odoo ERP More Relevant than Other ERPs? | Why is Odoo better than other ERP Solutions?

August 26, 2021

Businesses are no more limited to a locality or a country. With the widespread use of eCommerce strategies, business ventures are expanding the wings of operation across the globe. The age-old brick-and-mortar system of functioning is no more suitable for managing the growing business operations. An Odoo ERP solution comes to the rescue of the business at this crucial juncture. 

ERP tools work as wings to the businesses and coordinate different departments of the company together. The tool ensures the effectiveness of employees, manages sales and marketing, and eases accounting. 

A quick elevation of business from a rough structure to an international venture is possible with the help of ERP solutions.

ERP Solutions

Modernization and the use of AI for business improvement are the latest trends. Many software development companies have come forward to speed up the upgrading of businesses. Many ERP tools are available in the market, which offers a solution to various business-related worries. 

Amidst the wide range of ERP tools available, the toughest task is to pick the right one that will benefit your business. 

Why is Odoo better than other ERP solutions?

Odoo ERP, being an Open ERP solution, is an affordable tool for all types of businesses. Small businesses and start-ups to large enterprises can use this ERP solution to enhance their operations. 

A cost-effective solution, all types of businesses can access Odoo ERP. Odoo team has designed the editions to meet the requirements of different categories of clients. 

A free version of Odoo Community Edition is available for use without paying any charges. Odoo Enterprise Edition, at the same time, is an advanced version that is available for paying a nominal amount. 

Small businesses and start-ups can easily access the community edition and pick the features of their choice. The users can upgrade the ERP later by integrating advanced features with the help of Odoo partners. Large businesses can access enterprise editions at an affordable rate to expand their horizons.

In this blog, we can list out some of the features of Odoo which make it the best and most preferred ERP solution.

One point solution

Odoo offers a comprehensive solution to all business needs. If you are using Odoo, you don’t have to get the assistance of any other ERP tool. In addition, the software solution ensures the easy availability of Odoo partners for technical support and training assistance as Odoo is a popular ERP tool across the globe. 

Odoo offers a comprehensive solution to all business requirements. Easy customization and integration are the highlights of this ERP solution. In addition, integrating Odoo with other applications can be managed easily with the support of Odoo partners. 

We can control all operations in an industry like employee management, machine management, purchase management, sales operations, customer management, and account management from a single point with the help of Odoo.


Are you worried about the huge investment required to implement an ERP tool for your firm? 

Odoo Open ERP solution is the finest solution for the concerns. A cost-effective ERP tool, Odoo is easily accessible by all businesses. Moreover, all significant modules in Odoo can be installed free of cost to manage basic functions. 

Start-ups or small businesses can go for a community edition, which can be installed without any fee. Customization of Odoo ERP is an in-expensive process as the selection of modules and features can be made by the investor. Unlike proprietary ERP tools, upgrading the tool can also be completed at minimum investment.

User-friendly interface

The best ERP software Odoo has a user-friendly interface that is easy to use. As a result, the system can be used and managed without many struggles. Software expertise is the least thing required to use this tool. 

The optimal interface of this ERP tool ensures the smooth flow of work. In addition, the perfect coordination of departments and employees guarantees complete control over the business.

Modular structure

Odoo offers different modules to help users pick their modules based on the requirement. Integrating the modules also is possible if you are using Odoo. 

A significant factor about Odoo is the ease of integration. Odoo modules help us to manage all major business operations quickly and efficiently. Besides, Odoo has developed modules like data cleaning to support the operations of major modules.

With a modular structure, Odoo enhances the growth of a business. The key modules of Odoo ERP are: 


Point of Sale






Quick implementation

The community edition of Odoo can be installed by the user directly or with the help of an Odoo Partner. The installation and implementation of the enterprise edition are also effortless as an efficient Odoo partner can support you. 

Odoo Partners complete implementation after analyzing the business requirements and existing situation. The module requirements and customization are also suggested based on industrial demands. The implementation process also ensures efficient data migration and management. 


Easy integration support

Being the most efficient ERP tool, Odoo supports the integration of all Odoo modules. The user can integrate HRMS with Accounting and other modules to coordinate different activities. 

Odoo also enables the integration of third-party applications. For example, Rodeo permits integration with eCommerce sites and payment gateways. Besides, integration with other software tools is also possible.

Frequent updates

Odoo releases new versions of the ERP tool every year, considering the changing demands and market requirements. Odoo support system can help the business to grab new additional features to upgrade the business and enhance the business. A dedicated team introduces new modules and features after constant market analysis. Market evaluation and requirement assessment study help the business to remain up-to-date. 

Data Migration and security support

Migrating data from your old software to the new ERP is a complicated task. But Odoo enables you to ensure data migration without losing valuable data. Odoo experts engage in data sorting in consultation with the investors before migrating the data. In addition, Odoo offers security support with constant debugging and access control mechanisms.

Odoo is a comprehensive ERP support system that suits all types of businesses. The most significant factor behind the success of ERP implementation is the efficiency of your ERP partner. The right partner will ease implementation, customization, integration, and migration support. Bassam Infotech is one of the best Odoo partners who are committed to serving the investors. For any queries regarding Odoo ERP, you can contact us. 

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