The Wonders of ERP Development with Bassam Infotech

March 15, 2021

We all know how the saying, necessity is the mother of all great inventions, right? Well, the need for a cohesive and efficient system that can help you optimize your business operations has brought us enterprise resource planning (ERP). Gone are the days when you needed spreadsheets and logbooks for your business.

Essentially, ERP fits in the software category and its main purpose is to automate business processes and provide internal control. At Bassam Infotech, we offer world-class ERP Development and Implementation and it geared us up against any kind of complex project. Based in India, we filled our team with skilled individuals that are rich in both functional and technical expertise.

ERP Development

Clutch is the leading platform in the B2B space and it’s well-respected because of its market research and data-driven content. The site has an extensive directory of verified client reviews regarding projects, collaborations, and engagements from different industries.

That said, we are glad to finally have our first-ever review on our Clutch vendor profile. We are stoked and delighted to get traction on the world-renowned platform.

For our first review, We developed a dynamic ERP for an IT solutions provider. Our team worked with the Middle East IT Systems from Mar. — Aug. 2020 and the goal was to help them replace a former Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

The Wonders of ERP Development with Bassam Infotech

When asked about what impressed them, the client responded:

“They were quick with their responses and didn’t take weeks like other companies I’ve experienced. They try to finish each of their tasks as early as possible and they were quite flexible, even if we asked for minor changes in their work they were a great company to work with, that’s why we’re working with them for our second project.”

Partner, Middle East IT Systems

We are glad to receive a 4.5-star review from our clients and appreciate them for taking time out of their busy schedules to leave us their wonderful feedback. Our team is also excited to receive more reviews from other clients and gain more attention from potential clients looking for service providers on Clutch.

Top E-Commerce Consultants

Aside from our very first review on Clutch, our company can be found on The Manifest’s ranking of the top e-commerce development companies in Saudi Arabia for March 2021. For context, The Manifest is Clutch’s sister site, and I also dedicated it to publishing data-driven content related to the B2B space.

Our company is thankful for The Manifest’s recognition and we are proud to know that our hard work in development is gaining momentum. We can’t wait to showcase more of our talents and work on more exciting projects.

Speaking of projects, do you have a business hurdle that needs to be taken care of? Drop us a message. We’d love to discuss how we can help you streamline your business with our ERP solutions.

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