Working with Approvals module in Odoo 15

May 10, 2022
  • In every organization, there will be multiple employees, and for the better functioning of the organization, they will categorize these employees into different levels. Therefore, on multiple occasions, there will be the requirement of approval from the higher level of corresponding employees to get approval for certain activities to be done.
  • It conducted this approval procedure in different methods and these methods changed as technology advanced. Earlier it was handwritten permissions, then with computers and the internet, then it changed to email-based permissions. Now as we use software applications for most of our daily tasks. This application provides the functionality to conduct the approval process.
  • Odoo also provides this approval functionality for employee activities with their Approvals module. And it helps to create different activities for which approvals are required and specify the corresponding users who need to approve those activities.

Approvals modules in Odoo

  • The approvals module in Odoo is available as part of the enterprise version of Odoo and users will require an enterprise subscription to use it.
  • To set up approvals, open the approvals module from the main menu. Upon opening the module user will be greeted with an approvals dashboard, from the dashboard user can see the different approvals, an option to create a new approval request against each approval, and the number of requests to be processed against each approval type.

Creating a new approval type

Users can create a new approval type by going to Configurations > Approval types.

  • Create a new Odoo approval type by clicking Create button.
  • Specify the details such as the name, description, company (if you have multiple companies), fields required, if the employee’s manager is approver, other approvers, and the number of approvals required.
  • After all, it specified the details user can save the approval type.

Submit the request for approval

  • If the user goes to the dashboard, then the user can see the new approval type there. Now it’s time to see how to create a new approval request. Select the required approval type and click the ‘New Request’ button on it. In the form specify the subject, date, location, description, and other necessary details. And if there are any documents to be attached, it can also attach them with the ‘Attach Document’ button.
  • Once everything is completed save the request by clicking the ‘Save’ button.
  • Once the user is ready with all the details user can submit the request for approval by clicking the ‘Submit’ button.

Now the request will be approved or refused by the corresponding approver.

Reviewing Approvals

  • Approver users can see the pending requests to approve from the menu Manager > Approvals to review.
  • Other users can view the status of their requested approvals from the Approvals menu.
  • Thus using this module approvals for various types of employee activities can be implemented with their own approvers.

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