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Odoo Live chat module and visitors configuration | Odoo 15

A business thrives when it communicates well with its customers, resulting in good marketing. The Odoo 15 platform allow...


Odoo Venue Booking Management ERP Software | Implementation of ERP

Odoo venue booking or event booking module comes up with a set of attractive features to reduce the workload of arrangin...


What services does Odoo provide? |Odoo Support

One of the most repeated queries in the virtual space these days is about the most trusted and popular Enterprise Resour...


Fastest growing Odoo ERP implementation company in the US, UAE and India

The capabilities of a firm in the ERP field can be measured easily with the time it has taken to achieve covetable growt...

Odoo 16 Customization | 7 Steps of Odoo 16 Customization | odoo partner

Odoo 16 Customization

Empowering a business is the prime responsibility of any ERP implementation company. Every business manages specific ope...

odoo modules List | A complete guide to odoo modules | odoo erp modules

A Complete Guide to Odoo Modules

The growth of a business venture lies in the capability of the team to contemporize business operations. Updating techni...

Odoo 16 Implementation | 5 Key Steps of Odoo 16 Implementation | ERP

Odoo 16 Implementation

Whether to transform a business to embrace success or to travel on the much-trodden path without gaining any momentum in...

Odoo Translation | Language Translation Feature in Odoo 15 An overview

Translation in Odoo 15 An overview

Your business must have some kind of multi-language ERP if it operates in different countries with different languages. ...

Expected Features of Odoo 16 | New Features of Odoo 16 | Odoo 16 vs 15

Expected Features in Odoo 16

A better operational experience with better ease of access, speed and control over your data is the most expected reward...

How to create SQL view in Odoo 15 | Table and View Difference in SQL

How to Create SQL view in Odoo 15 

Difference between Table and View in SQL SQL stores data in a database in the form of rows and columns called the table....

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