We at BASSAM INFOTECH, have been providing ERP for manufacturing industry for the past 24 years. With unparalleled success in ERP implementation and ODOO customization. We believe and work with one simple motto–Our Customers Success is Our Success.

Ever-changing sociopolitical business surges many crucial challenges for a manufacturer which includes:-

  • Manufacturing high-quality products consistently.
  • Cost optimization of manufactured products.
  • Financial planning and management.
  • Development of retail strategies.
  • Meeting client commitments.
  • Planning and stocking.
  • Managing regulatory compliances.
  • Keeping pace with rapid industrial innovations.
  • Responding to changing customer preferences.
  • Preparation of practical strategies

We help manufacturers by identifying their pain points and developing the best ERP for the manufacturing industry that is robust, flexible & aligns with their business goals.

Traditional ERP software for the manufacturing industry involves painful implementation processes followed by redundant updates. As a result, companies wait for years without updating their ERP system. In due course, Newer companies with better ERP for manufacturing lead the way. Whereas, the absence of the latest features and functions leads to the fallback of established companies.

Some companies provide only MRP for manufacturing. Material requirements planning or MRP software only focuses on manufacturing, whereas ERP contains a range of solutions meant to ease diverse business processes, While an MRP system focuses on the manufacturing sector modern ERP system support countless modules.

The major components of ERP Systems

Enterprise resource planning systems can provide a wide variety of functions using components that are often referred to as “modules”.

Manufacturing ERP modules

  • Production–Whether it is, make to stock or make to order, the Production module controls the end-to-end production process.
  • Inventory–The inventory module will take on material planning, purchase, stocking, issues, transfers, change, and any other stock-related activities.
  • MRP–MRP helps you to plan accurately and buy raw materials and thus optimized stocking can accomplish.
  • Quality control (QC)–QC controls the quality aspects of the production.
  • Maintenance–The maintenance module helps to set the periodic maintenance calendar, Adhoc maintenance, spares inventory, and normal wear and tear.
  • Time Sheet Management–This helps to clock accurately the workforce usage for the production modules.
  • Fixed Assets–a module used to manage Machinery and other such assets.

Come join hands with Bassam Infotech, as we help you sail through the dilemma faced by manufacturing companies around the globe. So With the best inline, Odoo ERP implementation, we will devise you a structured ERP for the manufacturing industry. This will help you manage all your business from end to end.

With our years of ERP implementation experience in manufacturing, job contracting, project costing, finance, sales, purchasing, HR management systems, retail, logistics, and business management, there is very little you will have to worry about if you give us the opportunity to serve you.

Bassam Infotech’s ERP for manufacturing companies provides the following services with features designed to meet the unique needs of every client.

Cost Optimisation of the Manufactured Product

ERP for manufacturing should be about just one thing–Solutions. And we at, Bassam Infotech provide you with the best solutions for cost optimization of the manufactured product. We believe that our client’s product is ours and with the Odoo ERP for manufacturing industry. Therefore, we specifically designed a new implementation for all of our clients.

Performance of the Manufacturing Unit

Modern manufacturing ERP Software, for a small manufacturing business, should be about more than just a single implementation. For the constantly changing market scenarios, it is important that the performance the manufacturing unit is maintained. At, the same level for years to come and that can never be achieved with a single ERP implementation. Then, The manufacturing units must adapt and grow with every passing day. And we provide our clients with the best ERP system for manufacturing to make sure their performance and production never take a back seat.

Improving the Production

Globalization and cut-throat competition have increased the pressure on producers, irrespective of their size or nature of business. They are facing increasingly fluctuating customer demands and shrinking opportunities. The constant pressure to achieve more and transform new product lines. To develop a variety of business models and, at the same time adhere to all the regulations and competitive prices. It is important that you develop and constantly improve your production.

Financial Planning and Management

In today’s competitive world, it is extremely crucial to have sound financial planning and management for any organization. This is to ensure sustained growth and the good health of a business. We, at Bassam Infotech, will help you achieve all of this and a lot more to make sure you have an end-to-end view of your business finances.

Quality Management of the Product

  • The first requirement of every customer is Quality. So it is imperative for the manufacturers to maintain high quality at all stages of manufacturing. We provide customer-driven quality management ERP solutions to ensure your customers or clients have nothing to complain about.
  • We, at Bassam Infotech, provide the most successful ERP for manufacturing industry (Odoo manufacturing) by customizing our base ERP software as per your requirements. Similarly, the open-source ERP for manufacturing has been tried and tested successfully with over 100+ clients. Spanning over 6 countries including India, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Europe, and Africa a service rating of 4.8 is the best fit for your business.
  • We stand on the brink of a technological revolution where the ERP system is advancing to cloud-based ERP for manufacturing. Our Odoo implementation in the manufacturing industries is custom-tailored for all of our manufacturers. Give Bassam Infotech a chance to serve you and we are sure that it will never make you disappointed.

Our ERP solution is a perfect fit for various verticals of manufacturing industry

  • Auto Components, Consumer Products, Electronics and Hi-Tech, Industrial Machinery, Precision Products, Iron and steel, Textile, Leather, Dairy, Cement, Dyes and chemicals, fire retardant material, Food and beverage, Medical devices, Telecommunication equipment, Plastic, epoxy & resins, Rubber, Paper & Packaging, Footwear, Paint, Casting & Coatings, Aluminium, Assemblies & Metal parts, furniture, fiberglass, Boiler, Tire, Jewelry, Building Materials, Candy and Confectionery, Metal Fabrication, Bed, Cutting Tool
  • Utensils, Control panels, Solar, Generators, Ink, Fastener and Fixing, Bearings, shipbuilding, Pump, Valve, hardware fittings, Bags, Adhesives and sealants, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and personal care, Oil and gas, Sporting Goods and toys, Ceramics, Wire & Cable, Glass, Fertilizer, CNC Machining, Extrusion, Pressure Vessel, Switch Gear, Duct, Turnkey, Skid, Distillation Equipment, Thin Film Evaporators & Dryers, Extractors, Crystallizers
  • Flow Reactors, Aerosol, Transformers, Building Metal Products, Structural Steel, Electric Motors, Coolants, Detergents and disinfectants, Industrial Solvents, Powder Detergents Soap & Hair Care Products, Ventilation Equipment, Kitchen Cabinets & Fixtures, Barriers, Metal Doors & Windows, Insulation Materials, Tanker, Trailers, Vehicle Bodies, Mechanical Seals & Gaskets, Cookers & Cooking Stove, Refrigerators, Locks & Keys, Containers & Barrels, Bags & Sacks, Tarpaulin, Gypsum Products, Lighting Fixtures, etc.

FAQ before choosing Odoo Implementation partner

Should I choose an opensource ERP or a paid ERP?


There are hundreds of thousands of ERP software available in the market, both open-source and paid as well. Choosing the right one among these is indeed an arduous task. But we can make this choice simpler. It purely depends upon your requirements and your expectation out of implementation.

How much should I pay for an ERP implementation?


This purely depends on your expected output from the application, the number of users and so on…. An average Odoo implementation cost can be somewhere between 8k to 100k USD.

Why should I choose Bassam Infotech for ERP implementation?


Whatever your business planning needs, we based Our Odoo Implementation and support model on over 24 years of skills and experience. In addition, We’ve learned exactly how to set up your business operations, tweak your processes for results, and support these efforts over time as you need them. When you have special requirements, we work outside the box to understand the details and accommodate any challenge. Firstly, We’re available by phone or email, with 24-hour response.

Should I choose stand-alone ERP or customized ERP?


If stand-alone ERP exactly fits your requirements, go for it. Unfortunately, no ERP can be used 100% without customizing.

Why Odoo partners are better than freelancers for ERP implementation?


As an Odoo Partner, we pride ourselves on a strong team of certified Python experts and Odoo consultants who hold expertise in this field. Above all, our prices are competitive yet we believe in serving and supporting the best to our clients without the complexity. Above all Our motto is to satisfy our clients and develop solutions that match their expectations.

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