Odoo Field service management (FSM) is a very useful tool which helps companies to manage and track their onsite works or services effectively. Onsite services like field work, repairing services, delivery of products, installation, construction etc. can be tracked and managed using odoo’s FSM software.

Features of Odoo Field Service Management Module

Features of Odoo Field Service Module

  •  Create and Schedule Tasks/Appointments

 Create and Schedule Tasks/Appointments

  • Assign tasks to employees

Assign tasks to employees

  • Planning – By User, By Project, By Worksheet

    By Project, By Worksheet

  • Track the working hours on tasks.

  • Designing custom worksheets

  • Effective inventory management & updating the stocks automatically

  • Providing Quotations

  • Invoicing for the services

  • Electronic Signing of Reports

Benefits of Odoo Field Service Module

  • Efficient -planning and multi-project management

  • Save time and money

  • Increased customer satisfaction

  • Use the app onsite, from anywhere

  • Mobile friendly