Odoo Implementation for Explosion Prevention System to Atom alloys


  • Atom Alloys provides tested and certified, regulatory compliant, easy integration fuel storage solutions that secure you from fuel explosions. They are into the manufacturing of Non-Explosive Fuel Tanks and Containers to make explosion safety accessible to all, and hence they have designed patented solutions for end-users and commercial applications. Today their team has grown with industry & scientific professionals with 200+ years of cumulative experience across key sectors and presence in top fuel consumption territories of the world.


  • Manufacturing

Solution Provided:

  • Odoo ERP version 12 Implementation and Specific Customization

Apps Implemented:

  • CRM Purchase
  • Inventory
  • Sales
  • Accounting
  • Manufacturing
  • Budget
  • Assets
  • HR & Payroll, etc.

Problem statement:

  • Atom Alloys was using a legacy ERP system in which they could not track their manufacturing cost, wastage, Inventory tracking, expenses tracking, and overall Product traceability. They could not manage their inventory properly and also they could not optimize their production process and cannot use their production capacity.

Reason for Choosing Odoo ERP Software:

  • Atom Alloys was in search of a Good ERP so that they can overcome their then bottlenecks in operations and finance. They approached multiple ERP vendors and products and took a demo. Unfortunately, none other than Odoo was capable to handle their operations and could not show the benefits of using their ERP. Also, the functional expertise of other vendors was poor, and they found others having difficulty in understanding their process and what solution exactly they need. But Odoo and Bassam Infotech could overcome these hurdles, and it quite impressed them with Bassam Infotech’s functional expertise and the capability of Odoo ERP and thus they chose Odoo as their ERP for their business solutions.

BENEFITS of implementing ODOO ERP Software:

  • Provided Accurate Manufacturing Cost and reduced wastage.
  • Properly able to manage their inventories and able to optimize.
  • Properly managed and depreciated Assets.
  • Proper Financial Statements could generate, and able to control expenses.