Major Challenges in Health Care Industry

With ever increasing competition in the healthcare sector the need to facilitate better service to patients and to operate with excellence is of prime importance for stakeholders which makes ERP Implementation an integral part in achieving overall success

  • Slow process approval

    The number of daily office documents is large, and there are many levels of approval

  • Knowledge management disorder

    It seems difficult to follow an organized and standardized workflow since the number of daily documentation is large

  • Calculation of cost to charge 

    Is difficult since it need to take account of costs and margins for individual service lines, and the relationship between care costs and various quality metrics.

Make an Investment with an eye to the future

Odoo ERP solution for healthcare sector enables healthcare providers to improve patient outcome by leveraging cloud technologies which helps to drive innovation and reduce costs

  • Doctor Management

  • Drugs Management

  • Patient Management

  • Online Appointment

  • Pharmacy Management

  • Administration

  • Invoice System

  • Staff recruitment

  • Transportation Management

  • Staff payroll

  • Staff Attendance

  • Department Management


Benefits of ERP Implementation in Healthcare Sector

  • Better patient care

    Data transfer among departments is effortless & precise with Odoo ERP which in-turn helps in better patient care and for right diagnosis and desicion making

  • Eliminate data losage

    With state-of-the art technology data losing and redundancy are thing of the past with advanced features to prevent data theft even with multiple user access

  • Business Intelligence

    Better Insights over operational efficiency taking various factors into account such as budgeting, requisitions, and analysis of patient visitation.

  • Strategic Planning

    ERP Implementation helps decision makers to better assess whether the practices in place are effective or not thus enhancing the overall efficiency of the organization

  • Pronounced Finance Control

    Precise finance control by using ERP Software with patients payment tracking, supply cost and other service charge, calculating inventory errors and reducing mismatch in purchase and distribution

  • Integration

    Avoids expensive and challenging maintenance as in the case of ordinary heath care system instead provides better integration into modules like accounts, finance, billing, inventory



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FAQ before choosing Odoo Implementation partner

Should I choose an opensource ERP or paid ERP?

There are hundreds of thousands of ERP software available in the market, both Opensource and paid as well. To choose the right one among this is indeed an arduous task. But this choice can be made simpler. It purely depends upon your requirements and your expectation out of implementation.

How much should I pay for an ERP implementation?

This purely depends on your expected output from the application, the number of users and so on…. An average Odoo implementation cost can be somewhere between 8k to 100k USD.

Why should I choose bassam infotech for ERP implementation?

Whatever your business planning needs, Our Odoo Implementation and support model is based on over 22 years of skills and experience. We’ve learned exactly how to set up your business operations, tweak your processes for results, and support these efforts over time as you need it. When you have special requirements, we work outside the box to understand the particulars and accommodate any challenge. We’re available by phone or email, with a 24-hour response.

Should I choose stand alone ERP or customized ERP?

If stand alone ERP exactly fits your requirement, go for it. Unfortunately, no ERP can be used 100% without customizing.

Why Odoo partners are better than freelancers for ERP implementation?

As an Odoo partner we pride of a strong team of certified Python experts and Odoo consultants who hold expertise in this field. Our prices are competitive yet we believe in serving and supporting the best to our clients without the complexity. Our motto is to satisfy our clients and develop solutions that match their expectations.