Odoo 17 Accounting Reports

February 15, 2024

Business performance, stability, and decision-making are impacted by accounting reports. Key reports include an Income Statement (Profit and Loss Statement), a Balance Sheet, a Cash Flow Statement, a Budget versus Actual Report, Aging of Receivables and Payables, Financial Ratio Analysis, Audit Reports, Management Reports (Custom Reports), and Tax Reports.

With Odoo, users are now able to customize accounting reports to suit their needs. Using the Accounting Reports option found in the Configuration menu of the Accounting module, users can create reports tailored to their needs. Additionally, users can set pre-existing reports by selecting the appropriate option from the list provided.


Balance Sheet Reports in Odoo 17

With the Balance Sheet report, an organization’s assets, liabilities, and equity details can be seen in one place. The balance sheet can be accessed by selecting a specific date from the calendar icon on the screen. Users can create customized reports using Odoo’s additional features. A Balance Sheet report can be generated in Odoo by navigating to the Accounting module, and selecting the Reporting menu, which is typically labeled “Reports.”


Profit and Loss Reports in Odoo 17

A company’s income statement summarizes its revenue, costs, profit, and loss for a particular period. In contrast to the balance sheet. The ‘Profit and Loss’ reporting platform does not carry over the closing balance of a selected period to the next accounting period.

With this dashboard, users can quickly find out their company’s Net Profit after Tax, Gross Profit, Total Income, Total Gross Profit, Expenses, and other journal entries. As well as being able to expand and modify these reporting details.

You can also access the general ledger by clicking the menu provided near each journal entry.

General Ledger

In your company’s General Ledger reports, all financial transactions from all accounts in your system are documented over a given period, showing all transactions made over a fiscal year. There are also account names, dates, communication, partners, currencies, debits, credits, and balances.

In the Accounting module, go to the Reporting section and select the desired fiscal year. And period and you will be able to generate a general ledger report. The report will provide a summary of transactions and account balances. and can be exported to PDF or Excel formats for further analysis or printing.

Trial Balance

Typically generated at the end of a financial year. A trial balance displays all entries posted through the various journals and is used for auditing purposes. In this report, you will find information about credit and debit based on the journal entry’s beginning balance, chosen month, or chosen year, and ending balance.

Using the filter section provided at the top of the Accounting module. Select the desired fiscal year and period to generate a trial balance report. Using the report, you will be able to view a summary of all account balances. Select specific accounts or adjust the layout of the report. Export the report to Excel or PDF formats for further analysis or printing.

Partner Ledger

Partners’ receivables and payables are displayed on the Partner Ledger reporting platform. Along with their amounts, currencies, balances, matching numbers, references, and due dates. Users can also reconcile these accounts by clicking the Reconcile button on the report.

Aged Receivable

Reports detailing the balances of partner receivables at a specified date can be generated from the ‘Aged Receivables’ platform within the Reporting menu. In the screenshot below, you can also see the Due Date, Amount, Currency, Account, Expected Date, Receivable Amount, Older, and Total information in the report.

Aged Payables

The Aged Payable platform shows delayed payment reports when an organization fails to pay bills on time. The Aged Payable platform lists companies that don’t meet the payment conditions.

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