Odoo 17 Accounting Module and Customer Invoice & Payments Management

April 29, 2024

Odoo 17 Accounting Module and Customer Invoice & Payments Management

Managing customer invoices and payments is a fundamental aspect of a company’s accounting process. Using Odoo 17 Accounting, businesses can manage all financial aspects of their business while seamlessly integrating it with other modules. With Odoo 17, companies can focus on growth and innovation by simplifying complex accounting tasks.

Accounting  & Invoicing

A wide range of methods are available for creating customer invoices in Odoo, including automated and manual processes. The system automatically generates invoices according to the module used and the specific operation carried out.

As an example, when you initiate a sales order in the Sales module, a draft customer invoice is generated automatically.

Invoice Creation

The manually created invoices are systematically monitored and documented within the ‘Invoices’ window of the Accounting module. This window can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Customer’ menu and choosing the ‘Invoices’ option.

To generate a new invoice click on the “NEW” button and a new form view will appear.

customer invoice and payments management

You can add the Customer name, delivery Address, Product, and other required data to be entered here.

Products are added in the Invoice Line Tab and the corresponding Journal items will be visible in the respective tabs. Save the data and confirm the invoice by clicking the ‘Confirm’ button.

Then, using the ‘Register Payment’ and ‘Send & Print’ buttons, you can proceed to register the payments, send invoices, and print the invoices after you confirm the invoice. Multiple currencies and languages are supported by Odoo, so businesses operating globally can cater to a variety of customers.

Payments Management

As Odoo 17 integrates with various online payment gateways, it simplifies payment processing for both businesses and customers.

With Odoo 17, payments are automatically matched to invoices, reducing manual efforts and minimizing errors. Various payment options are available in Odoo’s Configuration menu.

Payment Terms and setting Payment terms in Invoice and Bills

A sale’s payment terms outline the conditions for payment, including due dates, early payment discounts, and any other conditions that may be outlined in a sales order, customer invoice, or vendor invoice. Below is a dashboard showing all the payment terms.

By clicking the NEW button, payment terms can be added.

You will need to provide the name of the Payment Terms, Company, and Early Discount details in the relevant fields.

Using Odoo’s configuration form, we can set payment terms for invoices and bills easily.

Payment Methods

Payments can be received through the Odoo17 Accounting module as Odoo’s payment methods support this. Payment methods include bank transfers, cash, checks, and credit cards, etc where each is linked with a journal for the transactions.

Setting up a bank account is a simple process by accessing payment methods, as shown below.

Reports and Odoo 17

Odoo17 helps in analyzing the business data based on multiple reports like Balance sheets, Profit and Loss, Trial Balance, etc. Which helps to make wise decisions that aid the growth of business.

Overall, Odoo 17 Accounting is an effective tool for companies wishing to simplify their invoicing and payment handling processes. It enables organizations to achieve greater financial efficiency and drive sustainable growth in a competitive business environment through automation, customization, and seamless integration.

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