Sign Delivery Orders in Odoo 17

February 9, 2024

A computerized program is often used to subscribe to various reports, including bargain orders, dealer agreements, client onboarding forms, rental agreements, and more.

The composed-by-hand paper document runs are prohibited from these electronic hand comes about, which helps the course of action interaction and overhauls client relations. These stages are multi-predisposition practical, engaging social occasions to purchase structures from any region, working with inaccessible courses of action, speeding up trades, and giving brands a vital advantage.

Online marks offer lower client securing costs and higher change rates, which progress clients encounter. The ERP computer program Odoo Deals module guarantees a proficient online era and approval, giving a comprehensive arrangement to these issues. Online marks are pressing for online trades and organizations working within the around the world commercial centers since they are an essential piece of bargains explanations, orders, and courses of action. The client can quickly sign the citation to show their acknowledgment of the terms. The dealer can continue with the deal or benefit capacities much appreciated by this advanced signature. The worldwide economy depends intensely on online exchanges and commerce.

A “Signature” alternative is accessible within the Odoo 17 Stock module’s “Settings” menu.

In the Odoo 17 Stock module’s “Settings” menu, there’s a “Signature” option available under the “Shipping” tab. Enabling this option prompts customers to provide their signature upon receiving the item, facilitating confirmation of delivery.

You’ll effectively affirm the item conveyance in this way.


The stock module itself can at that point be utilized to produce a conveyance arrangement. Hence, select “Conveyances” from the “Operations” menu.

The “Conveyances” dashboard permits you to see the dashboard of each conveyance that has been made. Press the “Modern” button to begin an unused delivery.

Enter the Conveyance Address within the form that shows up. It’ll naturally fill within the areas for Operation Sort, Source Area, Planned Date, and Source Record. Incorporate the things beneath the “Operations” tab. After filling out the shape and sparing the information, tap the “Affirm” button to affirm the arrangement. Several buttons, counting Check as Todo, Approve, Sign, Print Names, and Cancel, will show up when the conveyance arrangement is affirmed.

The “Mark as Todo” choice permits you to affirm that the arrangement has been satisfied or affirmed. After arranging approval, you’ll sign the conveyance by selecting the “Sign” button. This will cause a pop-up window to appear and permit you to urge the customers’ marks.

The marks can be drawn utilizing the “Draw” button as demonstrated underneath.

Once the signature has been drawn, tap the button to either embrace it or cancel it and attempt again.

As illustrated underneath, you’ll utilize the “Auto” button to create programmed marks based on the client title you entered on the conveyance arrange form.


You can also download and join the marked record by merely putting it away on your gadget by utilizing the “Stack” button. I’m aiming to switch to a mechanized signature presently and return to the arranged setup page.

The conveyance slips with the customer’s signature, picking operations, bundles, and return slips can all be “Printed” as a downloadable archive utilizing the “Activity” menu.


For occurrence, I’m printing a “Conveyance Slip” utilizing the activity menu’s “Print” button. Selecting this alternative will cause the PDF record to be downloaded to our device’s capacity. Once opened, the report will show the conveyance slip with the foremost later client signature included, as seen below.


The Odoo platform‘s computerized signature highlight improves the authenticity of contracts and client beliefs. Progressing business-to-business communication and your company’s proficient picture.

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