Convert PDFs into Images in Odooo 15 Binary fields

January 1, 1970

Odoo, an open-source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system widely recognized for its versatile field types, empowers businesses with efficient data management and storage capabilities. Among the diverse field types, the “Binary Field” plays a pivotal role in seamlessly handling file attachments within the Odoo platform. This article delves into the intriguing world of binary fields in Odoo, uncovering their potential to simplify file management and elevate data storage capabilities. Moreover, it spotlights the remarkable process of converting PDF files into image files using the dynamic Odoo 15.

Unraveling the Magic of Binary Fields in Odoo

Odoo’s binary fields are ingeniously crafted to store binary data, encompassing diverse file types like images and documents. Their flexibility and efficiency come to the forefront when managing attachments within the ERP system. With binary fields, Odoo users can effortlessly link files to specific records, be it customers, products, or invoices, streamlining document organization and enhancing accessibility. This innate feature ensures all essential files are readily accessible, fostering seamless collaboration among users.

Mastering Data Storage Efficiency with Binary Fields

Odoo’s data storage prowess lies in directly housing attachments within the database through binary fields. This innovative approach eradicates the need for external file servers or storage solutions, resulting in simplified data management. The binary data is securely encoded and stored within the database, bolstering data integrity and mitigating any concerns regarding file synchronization or backup. This unique strategy not only enhances data security but also ensures efficient storage of critical information within Odoo’s dynamic ecosystem.

Embarking on the Journey of Converting PDF to Image in Odoo 15

Converting PDF files into image files emerges as a prevalent necessity in diverse business processes. In the dynamic realm of Odoo 15, this functionality unfurls with the following steps:

1. Installing the Prerequisite Python Libraries

Before embarking on the mesmerizing journey of PDF to image conversion, it is imperative to install the essential Python libraries within the Odoo environment. One indispensable gem is the powerful “Pillow” library, renowned for its image processing capabilities. A seamless installation awaits with a simple command:

pip install Pillow

 2. Pondering on a New Odoo Module or Leveraging an Existing One

The quest for converting image files to PDF files ushers in the choice between creating a customized Odoo module or embracing the prowess of an existing one, tailored to specific requirements.

3. Unleashing the Power of a New Model

Within the Odoo module, a new model commands the spotlight, housing both the image file and the subsequently converted PDF file. “ImageToPdf,” a captivating model name, elegantly hosts relevant fields like name, image, and pdf_file.

4. Unleashing the Enchanting Method of Image-to-PDF Conversion

The model’s brilliance lies in the impeccable method of orchestrating the transformation of image files into PDF splendor. Armed with the wondrous Pillow library, the method opens the image file, crafts a new PDF masterpiece, and saves the image in its newfound PDF form. The awe-inspiring code snippet beckons:


from PIL import Image

def convert_image_to_pdf(self):

for record in self:

image_path = record.image

image =

pdf_path = image_path.replace('.jpg', '.pdf')  # Reveal the appropriate file extension, 'PDF', resolution=100.0)

record.pdf_file = pdf_path

5. Initiating the Magnificent Conversion Process with a Button

In the ethereal view of Odoo’s captivating module, a button or trigger emerges, captivating users with its promise of image-to-PDF transformation. The mesmerizing call to the `convert_image_to_pdf` method springs the process to life, adding enchantment to the user experience.

 6. Reveling in the Spellbinding Test

Before unveiling the solution to the world, a grand test ensues. With the Odoo server ablaze, navigate to the corresponding view and embrace the magic of the button or trigger. As you upload an image file, a mere click transforms it into an awe-inspiring PDF gem, gracefully saved in the `pdf_file` field.

7. Tailoring the Magic to Match Your Desires

To weave your unique enchantment, customize the code snippets. Embrace the responsibility of handling file paths, extensions, error cases, validations, and any additional functionalities, accentuating your specific use case.

The wondrous world of binary fields in Odoo unravels a captivating narrative of file management simplicity, data storage efficiency, and seamless workflows. Empowered by these mystical fields, businesses immerse themselves in the bliss of optimal document management, fortified data integrity, and flourishing collaboration among teams. As images, documents, and other file types gracefully find their place within Odoo’s realm, binary fields shine as the ultimate solution, streamlining attachments and harmonizing business processes within the enchanting world of Odoo ERP.


  1. What are the binary fields in Odoo?

Binary fields in Odoo are captivating marvels designed to hold binary data, encompassing images, documents, and other enchanting file types. They form a flexible and efficient gateway to the mesmerizing world of attachments within the captivating realm of ERP.

  1. How do binary fields optimize data storage in Odoo?

A spellbinding optimization journey unfolds as binary fields directly embrace attachments, whisking them away into the mystical embrace of the database. The enchanting binary data is securely encoded, eliminating the need for external file servers or storage solutions, and imparting the magic of simplified data management.

  1. How can I convert PDF files into image files using Odoo 15?

To embark on the bewitching journey of PDF to image transformation, you hold the choice to craft a customized Odoo module or embrace the magic of an existing one. Engage the enigmatic Pillow library to unleash the spellbinding method of image-to-PDF conversion, casting a spell of sheer innovation.

  1. Can I customize the file extensions for converted files in Odoo?

Embrace your creative freedom, for the realm of Odoo grants you the power to mold the file extensions as you desire. Within the conversion method, whisper the desired file extension and the enchantment unfolds as per your heart’s desires.

  1. Is it possible to convert multiple image files to a single PDF in Odoo?

Within the enchanting domain of Odoo, the realm of possibility knows no bounds. Modify the conversion method, and watch in awe as multiple images dance together, elegantly merging into a single, mesmerizing PDF symphony.



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