Send Product Specifications to Customer’s Mail Using Odoo 17

November 21, 2023

In today’s digital communication era, email communication can be considered one of the most efficient and professional ways to engage with customers. This will enhance customers’ trust in the company’s business and also contribute to a positive brand image, which will ultimately lead to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In this blog, we will discuss the steps involved in sending Product Specifications to the Customer’s Email in Odoo17. Odoo 17, the latest and one of the most advanced versions of the Odoo ERP software, will help any company to achieve satisfactory and efficient customer relation management.

Customizable Email Templates, robust and efficient customer management, real-time management of sales, purchase, and accounting, Odoo 17 has all the features needed to efficiently manage and streamline the communication process thereby improving customer satisfaction and increasing business opportunities.

The image below shows the main user dashboard of Odoo 17.


The next step will be to properly configure product details in the Inventory. All relevant details or information pertaining to the products can be easily maintained in Odoo.

As mentioned above, Odoo17 has customizable email templates which can then be used to send automated emails from the system as and when needed. These templates can be customized depending on the information that you wish to convey.

To select an email template for the product, go to the ‘Accounting’ tab on the product page.

You can also create an email template from the internal link with all the essential contents.


The next step is to Activate the “Deliver Content by Email” Feature in the Sales Module. In order to do this, go through the following steps –

Sales → Configuration → Settings

By using this feature, product-specific mail can be automatically sent at the time of invoice validation to the respective customer.


After completing all the above-said configurations, we can now create a sale order with the above-configured product.

Enter all the required information, select the product, and then click on the ‘Confirm’ button to proceed. After confirmation, we can now create the corresponding invoice for this sale order by clicking on the ‘Create Invoice’ button.


Select the required invoice method from the pop-up window as shown below.


By clicking on the ‘Create Draft Invoice’ button, a draft invoice will be generated against the sale order which can then be validated to complete the invoice generation process.


After validating the invoice, we can now come to the Sale Order and then click on the ‘Send & Print’ button to send the Product Specification Email to the respective customer as shown in the image below.


On clicking the button, the Product Specification Email Template which we had configured earlier will automatically come up as shown in the below image.


We can then select the required customers to whom the specification needs to be sent via email. Another useful feature of Odoo is that it allows users to review the emails before sending them to avoid any mistakes or errors and the emails can also be personalized if required.


The above-mentioned method of delivering email once an invoice is validated is a very useful and important feature of Odoo17 which will eventually make customer relationship management and customer engagement highly efficient. Thus companies can optimize their operations, elevate customer satisfaction, and see their business reach greater heights.

With Odoo 17 and its diverse, versatile, user-friendly, and highly efficient features, spreading across all the aspects of businesses including sales, purchase, inventory, accounting, HR, etc., it will ultimately help in the steadfast progress of a business.

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