Digital Transformation in Manufacturing: Experience our Odoo ERP Solutions at Gitex 2023

June 24, 2023

The manufacturing sector is increasingly changing with the introduction of digital technologies. Majority of the companies have already started opting for digital transformation to uplift their business goals. The companies depend mostly on ERP solutions and AI-assisted tools for coordinating manufacturing operations.

Though manual labor is an essential part of the manufacturing industry, the momentum of growth increases when they use technology. Software solutions can help to speed up manufacturing operations and strengthen the work centers. Besides, digital transformation will enhance the quality of products with automated quality control mechanisms.

Where human resource management is concerned, digital technologies also enable the thorough monitoring of performing employees. The working hours, work efficiency, leave and other details of employees come under the scanner with digital support.

If any manufacturing firm, be it small or large, is yet to embrace technological support for coordinating their operations, they are certain to struggle in the future. They may suffer from loss of revenue, unproductive employees, old software, etc. Besides, outdated equipment and antiquated procedures may also reduce productivity. Lack of timely maintenance and repair also could cause production loss.

Manufacturing businesses must therefore invest in digital potential, software, and technologies to face the future. Then, they will remain competitive in their industry that is extremely competitive.

Role of Digital Transformation in the Manufacturing Sector

Digital transformation has a serious impact on the manufacturing industry. Using new ERP tools helps the industry to improve standards, output, safety, efficiency, quality, profit, and sustainability. Thus, we can say that ERP tools help businesses to get an edge in the competitive market.

There are many responsibilities, and this change is necessary to keep up with changing client needs and fierce competition.

The following are a few key benefits of digital transformation for manufacturers:

  • Fewer workplace injuries and accidents. Enhanced digital solutions improve safety.
  • Quality increases- As your output quality rises, less product needs to be reworked, and less warranty work needs to be done.
  • Increased customer satisfaction- Automated quality checks and improved quality boosts customer satisfaction.
  • Increased process efficiency- Controlled and monitored process has a favorable impact on worker productivity and your bottom line.
  • More sustainability- You may continue to push boundaries and promote sustainability if your bottom line is strong.
  • More value for the money spent- After the initial investment, the expenses reduce and profit increases giving more value to the company, stakeholders, and customers.
  • Real-time data analysis- Real-time manufacturing data is also a result of digital transformation. Users can instantly collect data for analysis and speed up real-time business decisions.
  • Preventive maintenance- Manage machines efficiently by utilizing preventive and corrective maintenance support. This increases productivity.
  • Business Empowerment: Coordinating business operations and managing employees become effortless. Managers and employees can interact frequently resulting in quick action.

Odoo ERP and Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

The Odoo Manufacturing ERP is a combination of MRP, Maintenance, PLM, and Quality.

Odoo ERP supports businesses to upgrade production activities. Providing businesses with modern solutions for all production-related issues, Odoo supports businesses.

Prevents time logging

Odoo ERP supports users to plan all operations and find out the actual production time. This helps to plan production according to orders.

One stop solution

Odoo ensures complete integration of MRP, Maintenance, Quality, and PLM tools. This ensures uninterrupted production, automated quality check, product life cycle management, and manufacturing planning.

Real-time communication

Odoo ERP offers a worksheet that can manage quality alerts and other details. The details will be accessible to workers to make necessary changes.

Automation of production space

API integration supports the users to collect all production data on a real-time basis. This supports inventory management and order management.

Predictive maintenance made automated

To assist you in organizing preventative maintenance of equipment, Odoo performs calculations based on accepted statistical data. The tool uses meantime Between Failures (MTBF), mean time to Recovery (MTTR), and Expected Next Failure Date calculated to support manufacturing. Maintenance schedule preparation and timely maintenance avoid equipment failure and time loss.

Other key features are:

  • Support to organize service requests
  • Dashboard displaying important statistics
  • Quality control points
  • Quality alert generation
  • Engineering change management

Visit GITEX Global 2023 To Experience Manufacturing Solutions by Bassam Infotech

 Digital transformation is a highlighted word in the present era. It is the adoption of digital technology by a company to digitize non-digital operations, products, or services. Bassam Infotech, the only Odoo Partner who will join Odoo at GITEX Global 2023 will guide you to manage all activities with the proper use of Odoo ERP. Our tools are:


Put aside your concerns about the software’s need for a lot of data input effort. Our ERP software is designed to be user-friendly and requires little data entry. Adopt Odoo manufacturing software, and managing your firm will be as easy as using a mobile phone.

Material Bill of Materials

To assure quality manufacture and the stock level, our team enables you to establish bills of materials. With digital transformation, bills of material management become easy. Linking BoM with each product is also a perfect choice with Odoo.

Boost productivity

Odoo manufacturing gives insight into inventories, work centers, job orders, and human resources usage. You can relax and increase productivity by ensuring real-time monitoring of the purchase, process, work orders, and product delivery. Thus, a thorough cost analysis serves as the key measure in achieving complete resource efficiency.

Quick reports

Make informed decisions based on the thorough reports generated by the Odoo Manufacturing software to expand your company. Besides, it aids business owners in properly analyzing market trends and implementing adjustments.

Planning and Scheduling

Our Best ERP Application is prepared to help you schedule or reschedule production. Odoo makes manpower management, work center planning, work order monitoring, and administration effortless.

Quality Analysis

Work with the top Odoo implementer to ensure the quality of your products throughout the entire manufacturing process. You can adapt automatic quality analysis at the buying, manufacturing, and distribution levels with the aid of Odoo Manufacturing ERP.

Prepare yourself for an exceptional technological journey at GITEX Global 2023, where an array of captivating innovations awaits every visitor. Don’t miss out on this remarkable Expo.

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