Bassam Infotech the One and only Indian Partner at GITEX With Odoo 2023

June 26, 2023

An International Expo, GITEX Global is the venue for the world’s best and most advanced companies and innovative minds. Bringing together experts from business, society, economy, and culture sectors, the event promises an amazing experience.

Finding a place in the GITEX global pavilion along with Odoo SA is a prestigious achievement. Bassam Infotech, an official Odoo partner having offices in India, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and the USA, is now on cloud nine to be selected as the one and only Indian Partner to join the official team of Odoo at GITEX.

The Bassam Infotech team has already started preparations to help the visitors reach Odoo stand at GITEX. A team of experts has been selected to demonstrate different Odoo ERP solutions to clients. Besides, the team also focuses on including all Odoo ERP software on their demonstration list. However, before explaining more about the services, we can take a look at GITEX.

What is GITEX Global Event?

GITEX brings together leaders from academia, research and development, innovation, and every other field. Technology is the focal point of this global event that has already completed 42 editions. A mega event hosted in Dubai, the techno hub of the world, GITEX will this year give thrust to AI supremacy. The event will try to manifest and translate the latest technologies to help businesses. The finest technological solutions for business requirements are the most significant purpose of GITEX Global.

GITEX Global is gearing up for the 43rd edition and GITEX Event 2023 will be held at the Dubai World Trade Centre from October 16 to October 20. GITEX expects over 1,70,000 trade buyers, 5000 plus exhibitors, and 1400+ expert speakers at the 43rd edition. Participants from 176 countries across the globe will reach Dubai to join GITEX.

GITEX Global hosts multiple events including Global Devslam, Verse, GITEX Impact, Future Urbanism, Electric Future Expo, Future Blockchain Summit, FinTech Surge, Marketing Mania, etc. Of all, GITEX Impact, Future Urbanism, and Electric Future Expo are new shows. The event will focus on providing comprehensive AI, cyber security, telecom, and mobility solutions.

Trade buyers and solution providers will meet at the mega event. The event will witness the participation of governments, coders, developers, youth, academia, start-up, and tech leaders.

Bassam Infotech is the only proud Odoo Partner from India to join them at GITEX

It is a great achievement for Bassam Infotech, from Kerala, to be the only Indian Odoo partner to join Odoo at GITEX. The efficiency, trustworthiness, customer satisfaction, expertise of the team, and timely services have helped the team to scale heights. Bassam will be demonstrating various Odoo ERPs and Odoo Apps for visitors at GITEX Expo. Team Odoo has selected Bassam to join them after considering many factors.

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Why Bassam Infotech?

Bassam is a trusted Odoo Implementation Company in Dubai and India. A leader in Odoo Implementation, Odoo Integration, Odoo Customization, etc. Bassam has always been committed to serving its customers. As Team Bassam has expertise in ERP implementation and migration, many business ventures depend on Bassam to complete the implementation process.

Extensive support for implementation

A client can measure the effectiveness of ERP implementation service by checking how quickly the service provider responds to client requests. An experienced service team is also important. When a potential client signs up for our professional support, their wait at Bassam is over. There won’t be any smoke screens because our installation team will be with you at every step of your ERP journey.

Bassam guarantees its clients full support throughout every stage of implementation. Our team does not just jump into action. The team assesses your requirements and prepares a strategy. They will make the management aware of the time requirements in actuality, expected customization, and then start implementation.

Seamless integration

Every company will need to integrate a variety of components into the ERP. Only with such integration, they can also coordinate the activities of different departments. The technological world demands seamless integration to efficiently manage all types of operations with a single tool.

As a sizable quantity of data needs to be managed for integration, the support of a skilled Odoo partner is essential. Bassam Infotech with technically skilled professionals assures highly effective integration support.

Rapid Customization Assistance

An Odoo partner becomes successful only if they can customize the ERP to match the requirements of the customers. Tailor-made Odoo solutions for different business verticals are the best feature of Bassam Infotech. Similarly, Bassam has a technical team that is experienced in carrying out any kind of customization support. Every organization will create new business objectives and conduct business operations in a more organized manner with the successful completion of customized versions.

Efficient Training and Support

Without adequately educating the customers about the features of the product, a professional player in the Odoo ERP market will never hand over the project. The technical staff at Bassam takes pleasure in educating clients about the features and operation of the ERP well in advance. Hence, the users will have a clear understanding of the functionalities of the tool. The users will be also offered training in using each functionality of the ERP software.

ERP across all sectors

Business horizons are widening across the globe. New businesses are emerging and existing ones are witnessing changes. Hence, an Odoo ERP provider needs to be efficient in providing comprehensive solutions for all industries. Bassam Infotech stands out here. With over 25 years of experience in ERP implementation, Bassam has different teams to manage ERP for various industries. The teams focus on ERP for construction, textile, health, hospitality, petrochemical, and other industries. Whatever the nature of the industry, Bassam guarantees a conversion from a manual to an automated version of the entire process.

Cost-effective ERP solutions and customer relationships have also helped Bassam to find a place in Odoo Stand. All those visiting the GITEX Event can visit the Odoo pavilion and interact with the experts of Odoo and Bassam to know more about ERP solutions.


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