How to prevent ERP implementation failure | 10 Ways to Avoid ERP Implementation Failure | How can Bassam Infotech help you?

December 23, 2020

Enterprise resource planning software is the need of the time. Business ventures, inconsiderate of size and investment, are zeroing in on ERP platforms for organizing their business and reduce the workload on different departments to increase productivity. But is it that simple a process to complete ERP implementation? No would be the answer here as every business should learn the rope before proceeding with an ERP implementation plan. 

People behind business ventures plan to implement ERP expecting that it can bring something to the table. Intense planning and management thoughts are required to ensure successful ERP implementation.

Let’s find out the ways to Prevent ERP implementation failure by adopting the best strategies.

  • The Right ERP can prevent ERP implementation failure

Before you get off the ground, know your requirements and define the best way to move ahead. One can find out the right ERP by adopting four steps. Identify your requirement, compare ERPs, shortlist ERPs and choose the best one for you. 

Options are plenty in the ERP market with a wide range of ERP products. On premise and cloud platforms and Industry specific ERPs are available for business operations. To choose the Best ERP solution, the investor will first have to understand the operational demands of the business. They have to understand the areas requiring ERP assistance and focus on the ERP that best suits the requirement. It is also better to understand the benefits and defects of own premises ERP solutions and cloud-based ERP solutions before finalizing the ERP. Odoo Could be the best choice as it offers cloud based ERP support. The Open Source Software ensures the availability of industry specific ERP tool at a competitive price.

  • Choose the best partner

Select an ERP implementing company that can be a partner in your progress. Choose the perfect partner who can offer you a comprehensive solution from consultation to training and enhancement. Only the Best ERP Implementing Company can ensure efficient implementation, timely completion, custom ERP support, efficient training support and Prevent ERP implementation failure.

Bassam Infotech, with 24 years of experience in ERP implementation can be a best choice for any industry. Offering tailor made ERP tool for various industries, Bassam Infotech ensures support at all levels of implementation.

  • Plan for the future

Implement ERP for a long period. Plan ERP based on your business plans and growth expectations. Prepare growth strategy and customize ERP to suit the growth rate. Go for an ERP that will constantly get updates and new versions to meet market requirement. Check multi-country and multi-currency operations. Get ready for invest once and invest for a life time

  • Prepare for the change.

Foresee the changes and prepare the organization for ERP use. Identify a transition mode to make it easier for the ERP users to adapt to the changes. It is better to prepare the employees in advance and sort out documents so that the migration to the new system will not affect the workflow. Change may affect employees at different levels in a different way. Prepare all to cope with the change. 


  • Ensure Employee Support

Employees form the pillars of strength of an organization. Their cooperation and involvement have to be assured before proceeding with ERP implementation plans. Explain the importance of ERP and the benefits of ERP to ease their work load and the advantages of the new system. It is important to train employees and win their confidence before going ahead with implementation.

  • Ensure proper training to employees

Training makes a man perfect. It is important to train the employees on how to optimize the use of ERP tool. Training them to handle the software, data management and data sharing can speed up the growth of the business and prevent ERP implementation failure. Even the best ERP can give you the best result only if the users are able to handle it properly. Training on enhancement and updating should be ensured to improve the effectiveness of ERP.

  • Manage Data Efficiently

There should be a system to manage and sort data. Transferring all unnecessary data from your old system to a new ERP will decrease the efficiency of the software platform. Try to sort the data and document and avoid unnecessary and outdated documents before preparing for data migration. Customer details, vendor documents, old quotations and orders and duplicate entries should be avoided while planning data migration.

  • Understand the requirements

 Realise your need and plan ERP implementation accordingly. Avoid the inclusion of unnecessary applications and incorporate all necessary applications. It is beneficial to prioritise the requirements to reduce cost and plan implementation effectively. All tough and time consuming tasks should be listed out for ERP operation to reap the real benefit.  

  • Engage in agreement with the implementer

Know your implementer well and engage in a written agreement. List out all the services provided by the implementation company from consultation to training. It is also better to list out the charges of each service. The investor will have to ensure that the implementer offers post implementation support.

Plan your ERP based on your allotment for ERP. Try to stick to the cost and get a clear picture of the cost of the product beforehand. A right ERP partner will always provide the customer with a detailed estimate for the ERP implementation and contract will help plan ERP customization. The cost should include training, education and other supports. Trying to stick to the prepared plan will help to limit the expenses. Another important factor to be noted is that the ERP implementation cost can be easily adjusted with the effective ERP operation. It will help your business to generate revenue by improving productivity, saving time and by proper payment collection mechanism. 

How can Bassam Infotech help you?

Bassam Infotech is the Best ERP implementing company equipped to handle all sorts of hurdles expected during the implementation stage. With proper guidance and support for planning, Bassam Infotech will help you identify the most suitable ERP solution. An experienced and trained team, we offer comprehensive training to the ERP users categorising them into different categories based on their ERP use.  


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