How do I register for GITEX Global?

September 15, 2022

GITEX Technology Week with GITEX Global, Global Devslam, North Star, Ai Everything, FinTech Surge, Future Blockchain Summit, XVERSE, and Marketing Mania will take the technology world to fresh heights from October 10 to October 14. Dubai World Trade Centre is all set to welcome millions of guests from across the globe. GITEX offers a comprehensive platform for presenting innovations, showcasing expertise, and exploring knowledge. The expo is a tunnel leading to a digital universe where businesses can grow and expand.

The largest and the most informative Tech show

GITEX ensures inclusive growth of the digital economy. The platform brings together seven communities in an excellent ecosystem in Dubai. Dubai World Trade Centre is the meeting point for governments, tech enterprises, start-ups, coders, investors, academia, and youth.

The event takes you to the most spectacular world of tech transformations. GITEX is a worldwide network of experts and innovators who showcase Metaverse, Sustainability, Web 3.0, Quantum Computing, Blockchain, 5G, Cloud, AI, and Future Mobility.

Over 4000 tech companies will reach Dubai World Trade Centre from 170+ countries to take part in the expo. Besides, the event opens up 500+ hours of hard-hitting talks. Also, guests can attend the discussions across 14 conference verticals. The talks are sure to nurture your knowledge and present your innovative business ideas and digital strategies. An explosion of coding wisdom combined with marketing strategies is what GITEX Global offers you.

Technical and business workshops are the best platforms for academia and the youth to explore the digital universe. GITEX plans 15+ engaging workshops to help enterprises widen their prospects. Team GITEX is also striving to assist you to scale your skills up by offering certified training courses. All hottest technology and business worlds will find a place in the training sessions. Similarly, a game-changing experience for entrepreneurs will take young business ventures to meet the frontrunners in the industry. Start-ups and small ventures can also unearth the treasure of knowledge by visiting GITEX.

How to Register for GITEX Global?

GITEX offers four different passes for guests: Visitor Pass, Workshop Pass, Delegate Pass, and Certified Training Pass. The price of the pass and the services offered are different for each category.


If you are a person looking to explore the exhibitions alone, you can pick a visitor pass. The price of a Visitor pass starts from AED 220. Individuals, entrepreneurs, students, and others who want to witness the innovations on display at the exhibitions are the beneficiaries of the pass.


Workshops are rich sources of knowledge for young coders and businesses. IT students and entrepreneurs can also take advantage of the workshops planned by GITEX. Those picking Workshop Pass can also attend the workshops and visit the exhibitions. The charge for the pass is AED 550.


Delegate passes are the hot-selling passes for the global tech fest. The price of the pass starts from AED  600 and the pass will also allow the holders to visit exhibitions, attend workshops and take part in conferences.

Certified Training

Certified training courses will primarily help you have first-hand knowledge of the development in the tech and business world. It will also help you upgrade your skills and get your skills certified to cross boundaries. Pass holders are also allowed to attend the training sessions. Similarly, they can visit exhibitions and witness conferences and workshops. The premium pass is also available for AED 2000 and above.

Best ERP Partners at GITEX

Enterprise Resource Planning Software is a tool that eases the technological hurdles of a business to take the business to new heights. ERP solutions can also digitize all business operations from human resource management to manufacturing management. Partnering with the finest ERP partner helps a business to set new benchmarks in the industry and aim for the sky. Similarly, small and medium enterprises can reduce dependence on human resources with automated data and document management. GITEX is a platform where ERP service providers from various countries meet.

If you are visiting the expo or attending the workshop, GITEX gives you a wonderful opportunity to zero in on the best ERP partner to script success stories. ERP enables you to organize your business activities and ensure one-point control of the whole activities. Decentralized operation and single-click control are the advantages of ERP platforms.

Bassam Infotech, a top-rated ERP service provider in India and UAE, can also guide you to achieve your business goals. An official Odoo partner And Bassam also assist you to implement an ERP solution and train your employees to make the best use of the ERP solution, One of the best ERP partners at GITEX Bassam is a trusted ERP partner with 25 years of experience in the industry.

Choose your favorite ERP partner from many ERP providers.

Bassam ensures complete support for ERP implementation, ERP Customisation, ERP Support, and ERP Integration. Similarly, Bassam guarantees post-implementation support and comprehensive help for selecting your ERP solution and choosing the applications required for your business. An ERP provider having expertise across all verticals, Team Bassam Infotech has been leading the implementation and customization of Odoo Manufacturing. Also, the team gives special thrust to education by enhancing e-learning platforms with the help of ERP software.

Expertise in implementing and customizing Odoo ERP for construction, healthcare, and supply chain industries helps Bassam stand out in the ERP market. Likewise, the team has proven its caliber in implementing ERP solutions for the logistics, steel, textile, real estate, and cosmetic industry.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to choose your favorite ERP partner from many ERP providers. If you are planning a makeover for your business by embracing ERP support, it is a perfect time. A visit to Dubai World Trade Centre will help you get first-hand knowledge of various ERP solutions and rightly pick the ERP best suited for your organization. Apart from Bassam, many other players in the industry will also be present at GITEX Global.

Hurry up and register at the earliest to ensure your pass, and We are waiting here to meet you at the global technology meet.

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