Importance of having a local Odoo partner in KSA for ERP implementation

June 7, 2023

Odoo ERP is a magic potion that eliminates all the worries of a business firm. Apart from assisting the business to manage accounts and other key tasks, Odoo sees into every minute operation. What may be the operational areas of a company, Odoo Implementation solves manage all its activities.

One such open-source system that has grown in popularity, Odoo Software has changed the pace of businesses across the globe. It is a collection of business management software applications. The multiple modules, including project management, accounting, e-commerce, invoice, and warehouse functions along with smaller modules support a business.

The Odoo modules offer a superb selection of effective and user-friendly business solutions. Its key highlight is that there are modules for any budget. Hence, organizations of any size can benefit from the Odoo implementation. This is ideal for new businesses as well since it allows you to select the most crucial modules and build on them later. The ability to integrate apps is yet another fantastic benefit of using Odoo.

Why Should We Have a Local, Odoo Partner?

Role of Odoo Partner in KSA

Hiring an Odoo partner comes with several advantages. Here are some significant ones:

You can entrust the implementation task to them and relax when they engage in the implementation process. The only thing you have to do is let them know exactly what needs to be done. Hence, inform them of the operations of your company and relax.

They work in sync with you on the project, freeing you from all worries. Employing an ODOO partner enables your company to concentrate on your operational areas than worrying about ERP implementation challenges.

The capacity to work remotely has increased throughout the world since the COVID-19 outbreak. Using digital platforms has been offering extensive support to manage much work remotely. Online communication platforms guarantee communication between the parties. The innovation of digital communication platforms has changed the world drastically in a way that was unimaginable a decade ago.

Now, digital tools enable us to connect virtually from anywhere. However, it’s almost impossible a task for virtual substitutes to completely replace face-to-face communication. Imperfections sometimes follow it. Consider the differences we experience while communicating with a partner or client face-to-face and virtually. Technical hiccups and other communication barriers can reduce the effectiveness of communication.

Similarly, a local ERP implementation partner offers many benefits to an organization.

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Direct Communication

It is preferable to interact with your Odoo ERP partner in person as opposed to on a screen. Conversations with Odoo implementation experts improve your perspective on the ERP and its modules. You can evaluate the performance standards of the partner by interacting with an Odoo implementation team directly. A locally available team will join you anytime for meetings, discussions on business requirements, etc.

They can visit your place and understand the operations of your business. Discussion with your employees of all levels will help them realize all your needs. Screen sharing and online communication may sometimes cannot understand the real requirements. The attitude of Odoo’s partner also becomes more visible when you talk to them directly.

Increased effectiveness

Despite the fantastic benefits that websites like Zoom offer, meetings can occasionally turn ineffective on virtual platforms. This could be because of poor connectivity or because of a tired team member. Using internet tools frequently raises the risk of losing concentration. People sometimes become weary and distracted with time.

Direct communication can avoid this problem. It makes it possible for everyone to focus on the present project and ensures that everyone is aware of the goals, deliverables, and deadlines.

Face-to-face training

The role of an Odoo partner in KSA does not end with implementation. Odoo training is a crucial part of the process. When you partner with Odoo partners from other countries, it becomes difficult to get direct training.

However, a local partner guarantees direct training to all your team members. I could arrange the training in a phased manner for different employees. Besides, training can be also planned at different times after each upgrade of your ERP tool.

Plan implementation by visiting your company

Seeing is believing. In the same way, any work becomes more efficient if the service provider gets a personal experience of the activities taking place at the client’s location. Hence, a local partner can ensure increased efficiency of an ERP system compared to other partners.

They will comprehend more about what you produce and what is necessary to keep your company operating. The same holds for your logistics business. Let someone know about your operation and implement the ERP system your business needs. Experienced implementers gain a lot from their time at your business.

The Need for a Local Odoo ERP Partner in KSA

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an emerging industrial destination for many companies globally. The administration in the country is investing heavily in supporting enterprises. This has increased the flow of business firms to the country. Currently, the role of a trusted local ERP partner is very high. A local ERP partner will identify the business opportunities in the country and help the investors greatly.

Language barriers can sometimes be a hurdle in the interaction between the Odoo partner and the client. However, an Odoo official partner like Bassam Infotech has opened its office in Saudi Arabia to help the companies address this issue. Our team is proficient in handling local language and English and helps our clients interact with us properly. A leading Odoo Implementation Company in Dubai having expertise in multiple industries, Bassam provides the finest solution at the most affordable rates.

If you are thinking about an ERP implementation, you can quickly contact our team. Our team will get in touch with you and support you in Odoo Customization, Odoo Integration, Odoo Implementation, and Odoo Support.


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