Members Module Features in Odoo 16

September 26, 2023

From recruiting new members to retaining them for years to come, “membership management” encompasses a wide range of tasks. By centralizing administrative and communication tasks, membership management software helps community members communicate with administrators and resolve organizational issues. A variety of sectors can benefit from it, including sports, healthcare, wellness, and education.

Improved data security, heightened participation in the community, and increased effectiveness are some of the numerous benefits of membership software. With membership software, communication can be improved, data entry and search times can be shortened, and administrative procedures can be more efficient. A cloud-based service can meet the needs of a large number of offices due to its flexibility, scalability, and scalability. To gain members’ confidence and loyalty, built-in features and connected third-party services should clearly convey the value of membership. The expansion of an organization and the increase in income require active community involvement. In addition to offering cutting-edge features, membership administration software offers the most secure cloud storage, encryption, and authentication protocols available. The use of membership software can benefit organizations in many ways, including improved data security, increased productivity, and increased community engagement.

Using the Odoo 16 Membership Module, business processes can be managed for members of multiple organizations.


In the screenshot below, you can see the application’s homepage when you open it.

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Members Menu

When the program is opened, the main menu of the module is immediately visible under the “Members” heading. This dashboard shows you the status of all members who have been previously added to the application, as well as the resources that are available.

A list view can be converted into a Kanban view by clicking on the “List” symbol in the top right corner of the page. Filtering and grouping data can be done using the “Filter” and “Group By” options, as well as adding member information to your “Favorites” list. Enter the configuration form and select “NEW” to create or add new member data.


Simply enter the configuration form and select the “NEW” button to create or add new member data.

Reporting Menu

The Members Module of Odoo 16 has a “Reporting” menu where you can see the members’ analysis. The report analysis section in this scenario does not seem to be filled with any reports.


Additionally, the reporting window follows the same format as the other Odoo applications. Report metrics can be changed from the “MEASURES” button once the report data has been added, including Paid, Invoiced, Waiting, Earned Amount, etc. In the reporting window, click “INSERT IN SPREADSHEET” to add more spreadsheet data.

Several different graphical views can be selected for the reporting, including Line Charts, Pie Charts, Stacked Views, and Pivot Views. Data can also be filtered using the options in the “Filter” section, data can be grouped according to different categories with the “Group By” option. And reports can be marked in the “Favorites” section if needed.

Configuration Menu

You can also configure or add various “Membership Products” using the “Configuration” menu in the Odoo 16 Members Module.


As shown below, clicking the “NEW” button will open the Membership Product Configuration form for you to enter information about the new product. The displayed form allows you to edit and save the necessary information.


There are no complicated functions or user interfaces in this application platform. Which makes it very user-friendly and easy to manage all membership information for your clients.


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