An Overview of Odoo 16 Project Management

November 4, 2022

In a challenging business environment, project management with precision and perfection deserves special attention. Managing everything using conventional tools and software will never help scale up the business and future planning. It will cripple the entire operations and the effective management of human resources. Having suitable open-source Software For Project Management like Odoo will bring miraculous changes in the project management area and help companies attain their business goals with optimum results.

All under a single roof

The project management tools in Odoo 16 offer a range of services that can give prospective entrepreneurs the help to control everything on a single platform. The neat and fast user interface is the biggest attraction of this version. One can have a quick look at the project’s progress and enjoy a visual representation of the whole activity. A wide-screen view and mobile-friendly tools will give a new working environment for overall project management.

Customized screen view

Getting everything on a single green will be a big convenience for the management of bigger projects. The Odoo Project Management tool is unique for meeting this requirement with the friendliest screen view, designs, and layout. One can even experiment with the calendar view to highlight project deadlines. Options for single drag-and-drop gifts a very user-friendly experience.

Multi-project management

Management of multi-projects, sub-tasks, and document management will be easy with the use of such a customized screen. Chart view and graphic view options are easily available on the screens to facilitate easy monitoring. The graphical or chart view will easily support the perfect analysis of the project process and give an overall idea about the remaining tasks.

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Statistical scrutiny

For deep statistical scrutiny, one can make use of the pivot table analysis. The main attraction is that it can bring to light the exact project status for comparison and review. Time tracking is another important feature through which one can simply forecast the completion time of any project task. The option to archive completed tasks will offer more work freedom and flexibility.

Flawless customer service

An automated customer care service is one of the noticeable features of Odoo-16. The preparation of email replies and sending of timely alerts will become a cakewalk with integrating the automated customer service functionalities. Tracking of support contracts, generation of tickets, and bug-fixing activities will become easy with the tool.

Effective email integration

Email integration will also be possible with the latest Odoo-16 project management tool. Sending automatic emails and customer communications will give a trouble-free experience during the project implementation.

Thousands of customers will feel the ease of doing business with the effective integration of email communications. Custom alerts, chat options, activity logs, and real-time collaboration are also possible with the communication tools to support effective customer relations.

Service highlights

A timesheet app with options for easy integration as Google Chrome or a mobile application comes as one of the important features of the service. Conducting customer satisfaction surveys will be an easy task with this feature. Upon completion of each project, the project managers concerned can check the customer feedback with the integrated tools.

Such a real-time feedback collection will help companies make necessary interventions from time to time for the overall success of the project. They will assess the overall rating on time and get feedback easily after achieving each milestone. Effective forecasts related to various task executions will also be possible.

Streamlined sales activities

Contracting and invoicing activities related to project management will be quite a different experience with Odoo for project management. Management of fixed-price contracts or time and material-based contracts will be possible with the set of exclusive tools available. The main highlight is that the users can experience the benefits of automated service.

From sales to tasks, one will never lose time for the systematic planning of project management activities. Invoicing works related to project management will never be a confusing or strenuous experience with well-packed tools for sales activities.

Easy Reporting

The preparation of project management reports comes as a crucial point in any company associated with the job. Only those who have a well-planned ERP will execute the task on time with the desired quality expectations. At Odoo-16, options are aplenty for facilitating the flawless reporting procedure.

The option of using a predefined dashboard or creating one suitable for the task comes as one of the biggest advantages here. The users can share the filters with the desired team members. Detailed profitability analysis will be possible at each stage. Statistical task analysis is another option for getting accurate reports. Precisely, an overall project view will be very easy for the management.

Successful integrations

A lot of internal operations related to accounting, expenses, human resources management, and sales activities will get integrated under Odoo-16 project management software. Such a well-knit integration will simplify human interventions and improve the speed of project management activities.

Automatic creation of invoices based on tasks comes as one of such highlights under the integration option. Options are a lot for connecting other internal or third-party software along with the integration process. There are options for re-invoicing to reduce the losses. Integration of Google Docs and the powerful Odoo API will give a completely new experience in project management.

 Futuristic project management concept

What makes project management in Odoo-16 an agile experience is the perfect classification of its set of tools with multiple functionalities. The moment one signs up with the ERP, one can experience a better deal in organizing, scheduling, planning, and analyzing tasks.

Forecast resources and the power of visual representation will assure a new world of perfect operations. Options to integrate with other Odoo apps give more freedom to the project management teams to further create magic in the field. In short, an organized business with easy access to facts and figures in a visually appealing way is all that Odoo-16’s project management tool offers to prospective clients as a bonus.


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