Manufacturing Module in Odoo 16 | Latest Odoo Erp Features

August 2, 2022

Manufacturing is the pillar of all industries. Service industries and other industries depend on the manufacturing industry for existence. Managing manufacturing operations requires efficient support. Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions are the latest tools for managing manufacturing tasks and leading businesses to heights. The manufacturing module in Odoo is a dedicated module for managing manufacturing operations. Besides, it has many sub-modules, and we can integrate these modules with the manufacturing modules. It will help in ensuring comprehensive management of product manufacturing.

Manufacturing Module in Odoo

Odoo ERP is an integration of many Odoo modules, including Manufacturing, Maintenance, Quality, PLM, MRP, etc. Manufacturing and MRP are essential parts of Manufacturing ERP. Though Odoo ERP has many features to enhance production. Total control over workstations and quick control for order processing are significant for businesses.

Manufacturing Order Management

The ERP platform assures users the support for generating manufacturing orders. Whatever the product, the manufacturing process involves the generation of a manufacturing order. This will help the users customize the procedure to match the company’s operations. The users can also create manufacturing orders using Routing and the work center. It is also possible to create manufacturing orders by customizing work orders.

Odoo manufacturing is an efficient system that helps to generate unbuilt orders and scrap orders. Scrap orders help the users to create orders to scrap the products which are completely damaged or partially damaged. Unbuild orders help to create orders for unassembled manufactured products and also take them back to the raw material category.

Work Centre Management

A work center is a place where the manufacturing process takes place. Manufacturing ERP helps create work centers and manage work routing, work orders, etc.

Quick Generation of BoM

Bill of Materials or BoM is an essential part of any production process. Odoo manufacturing supports the creation of BoM. The bill of materials is the list of raw materials required for manufacturing each product. It also included the quantity of the product in the Bill of Materials to help accurate the production process.

New features in Odoo 16 Manufacturing

Odoo ERP for Manufacturing Industry is an enhanced form of the previous versions of Odoo. The Odoo team has introduced several features to this module to upgrade it to meet the latest market requirements. A feature that has been recently introduced to Odoo 16 to support manufacturing operations is the support to merge and divide manufacturing orders. This feature supports the users to categorize manufacturing orders and merge the orders automatically if required. This helps to save time and effort. We can avoid confusion regarding the merger operations while carrying out the process manually using this feature. 

Another advantage of Odoo Manufacturing is the ability to create a link between the manufacturing order and the sale order. The new feature supports the users carrying out the outsourcing of production. As manufacturing involves sub-contracting, this feature is of great help to businesses to outsource the task to subcontractors.

Odoo 16 has many more advantages and slight improvements in features that help manufacturing firms to ensure accurate and efficient operation.


Integration in Odoo Manufacturing

How does Odoo Integration Supports Manufacturing ERP?

Manufacturing ERP is an integrated form of maintenance, PLM, and Quality modules.


Maintenance support helps the business to manage all maintenance operations. This module integration help automates preventive maintenance and manages corrective maintenance. Besides, it also supports the business groups to organize maintenance requests. And quick request tracking support is a significant highlight of Odoo 16 Manufacturing. Kanban and calendar views help the users efficiently track all the activities.

Integrating maintenance with manufacturing makes it possible to create maintenance requests from the work center. It also ensures ensure equipment efficiency. And reduced maintenance time is an added advantage of using Odoo manufacturing for production.

The work center efficiency and the efficiency of the equipment used at the work centers guarantee an effective production process. A dashboard to review the efficiency of equipment is a key feature of Odoo.

Assure Quality

 Odoo 16 Manufacturing ERP has quality monitoring support. The quality feature helps the business set quality control points. Also, we can manage the quality of the products by generating quality alerts. 

Manufacturing ERP supports the production part approval process (PPAP) and statistical process control. Besides, it helps process failure mode and effects analysis.

Product Lifecycle Management for Companies

Every Manufacturing companies need many engineering operations to complete its activities. PLM is the tool that helps to manage many engineering changes. Above all, Odoo PLM on integration with manufacturing ensures constant communication regarding the changes and development of a social network. Odoo help passes information and generates alerts at the work center. The users can also attach documents or designs to the PLM and manage various versions of documents. Odoo also supports the business in aligning different departments to keep track of the changes.

 Manufacturing ERP in Odoo 16 is a highly beneficial tool that will help you manage, schedule, and control operations and generate reports.

Significance of Odoo Manufacturing

 Odoo is a complete ERP solution that supports all activities of a business. Odoo Manufacturing is a tool that effectively helps to manufacture businesses in:

  • real-time planning
  • manufacturing Order edits
  • Unbilled order management
  • repair order creation
  • barcode support
  • Manufacturing plan
  • work center capacity management.

This ERP software is also effective for work order arrangement, master data management, optional routing, versioning, document management, maintenance calendar management, worksheet, and work order step management. Odoo is a significant tool that also assures traceability to the users and assists in cost analysis. A single-point solution, the Manufacturing module in Odoo 16, also offers quick communication support and guarantees product price automation.

Bassam Infotech, an Odoo Partner, is a leading team in ERP Implementation for Manufacturing Industry. Bassam’s experienced team quickly and efficiently contacts customers and completes manufacturing ERP implementation. 

We are a leading Odoo implementer in India, UAE, and USA. We customize manufacturing ERP for your business of any size and shape. If you are planning to introduce Odoo to your manufacturing business, you can contact us for consultation, implementation, and migration. 

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