Odoo Open Source ERP : Opportunities and Challenges

October 6, 2021

Enterprise Resource Planning system is a magic wand for the industries to get away with all their difficulties and struggles. Using ERP tools, the industries are now taking big leaps of progress. Managing all company-related operations, like sales and marketing, material procurement, account and finance management and inventory support are effortlessly completed with Odoo ERP Assistance.

The formal launch of ERP was in the 1990s. However, ERP has been in the making from the very beginning of the calculating devices. The invention of Pascaline by Blaise Pascal in the 17th century has direct links with the ERP system. Pascal’s invention, aimed at helping his father compute the tax he collected, is being used even now in taxis to calculate the fare. 

The term ERP was coined in the 1990s following the invention of some tools for managing the finance, accounting and human resources management operations. Ever since the innovation of the first ERP, ERP systems have been playing a crucial role in ensuring comprehensive support to business groups. The ERP offers a suite of business management tools to business ventures.

ERP is a constantly evolving system, and Odoo Open Source ERP is a stage of evolution. Proprietary ERP systems focus on large-scale business ventures, and Odoo Open Source ERP systems are suitable for small, medium and large businesses. 

An Odoo open source ERP system enables companies to access the source code and customize the software for better use. Open ERP frees the users from relying on the vendor for updating and customization. The users cannot customize proprietary ERP tools due to the unavailability of source code.

Opportunities offered by Odoo Open Source ERP

Odoo Open source ERP offers a bundle of opportunities to the users. From free installation to customization and easy updating to improved security support are the highlights of ERP Solutions. It gives abundant scope for development and adaptation. Using these applications helps all industries. A scalable ERP support, the Odoo Open Source ERP tool gives the users a fast and efficient experience. Though there could be some challenges, the benefits are much higher.

This blog will check out how open-source software systems are more beneficial for a business. We can also check how the opportunities outweigh challenges. 

Opportunities Open Source ERP

  • Affordable pricing

Sparing a huge amount for implementing an ERP solution may not be a feasible option for all. The Odoo open source ERP tools come to the rescue at this juncture. Open source ERP tools are the best companions for many small and medium enterprises. The cost of the tool is the key highlight for small and medium business ventures. 

A cost-effective alternative for expensive proprietary ERP systems, open-source tools do not require any license fee. The source codes are accessible free of cost, and the users can install the tool and customize the platform. The companies can complete the process either on their own or with the help of ERP partners. If you depend on ERP partners, you will have to pay the service charges and other fees. The Open ERP users can save a considerable amount annually in terms of technical charges, license fees and maintenance costs. 

  • Efficient customization

Simplify your customization process by embracing an Open source ERP solution. An open ERP user can start the customization process as they can freely access the source code. On the other hand, customization of proprietary ERP will need interaction with the vendor and have to work with the vendor. 

The involvement of an external wing delays the process. The participation of the internal IT wing, vendor and consultants can sometimes cause misunderstanding resulting in an inefficient ERP system. Here, the customization also depends on the preference of the vendor. If the vendor does not have expertise in particular customization, the user may be unable to benefit from the customization plan. 

A trained internal IT wing of a company can complete the customization process on choosing an Odoo open source ERP. In addition, open ERP also offers several custom-designed and read to user modules created by user communities. 


  • Scalability

Scalability is something that is a basic requirement for any ERP solution. What will happen if you expand your business after implementing the ERP tool? Will you be able to upgrade the tool to meet your requirement without paying any amount? You will need to get the assistance of the vendor and pay additional charges for an upgrade if you are using a proprietary ERP. But the situation is different if you are using an Odoo Open source ERP. It is highly scalable and can be upgraded more efficiently.

  • High coding standards at low cost

Quality and pricing are not directly proportionate when it comes to Odoo ERP. Open ERP offers the highest standards for coding. The intervention of community-level developers and the activities by a large number of developers ensures highly coding standards to ERP. Repeated reviews by developers and upgrade help Open ERP to ensure the standards of coding. 

Proprietary ERP is not reviewed or upgraded by external developers. The system once developed by an internal team is not reviewed very frequently.

Besides, the internal IT wing of your business can review the source code of open ERP and ensure its standards. The team can also upgrade the tool by developing the source code.

  • Quick completion

Odoo Open source ERP implementation does not require vendor selection, consultation or demonstration of the ERP or other time-consuming processes. The user can complete the process internally with the help of an internal IT team that has expertise in integrating and customizing the ERP using open-source code. 

Challenges of Open Source ERP

Every tool will have its positive and negative sides. In the same way, every ERP will have some advantages and disadvantages. Open ERP also has some challenges though they are minimal.

  • Need a highly efficient IT team

As the implementation and customization process are done internally, the presence of a highly talented development team is essential for the successful implementation of an open ERP. 

  • Missing features

Open source ERP solutions offer almost all features and functionalities. However, it sometimes lacks some newly introduced features.

  • Unnecessary customization

Some companies and internal IT teams may tend to go for unnecessary customization resulting in technical glitches. However, it is always better to go for standard customization and processes instead of choosing excessive customization.

  • Chances for underestimating the cost

The Odoo open source ERP solutions sometimes include only basic functionalities. Upgrading this to add more features will require payment. Besides, if you do not have an internal team, you will have to depend on a paid partner support for implementation. Internal IT team management, backup management etc., also require investment.

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