Odoo Scrap Products Management

August 19, 2022

A product or material that can be recycled but is damaged, rejected or has passed its use-by date is called scrap. In producing a product or operating a business, these unused resources are generated or left behind. It is crucial to manage scrap goods since, in contrast, to waste, they have a market value. Simply because they are managing the products, product movements, and stockpiles, a company’s inventory has a very high potential for scrap.

Odoo Scrap Management System

The inventory module of the Odoo system features a superb scrap management system. That will help you manage all the materials that are trashed because of your inventory or business activities’ various stages.

Odoo separates and saves waste for each function, managing them in the places.

We must enable the Storage locations option from the settings menu of the Odoo Inventory module. In order to create a scrap location in Odoo.

To create a location,

Inventory > Configuration > Settings > Warehouse > Storage Locations.create-a-location

Now, you can create new locations directly from the settings menu. By selecting the Locations arrow in the Storage Locations menu. We can find the Locations menu on the Configuration tab of the Odoo Inventory module.


The Locations window, shown in the image above, allows you to view every Location that has already described on the platform. By selecting the CREATE button in the window’s upper left corner, we can also add new Locations. For the scrap product, we can designate destinations there.

It gave the creation form screenshot below.creation-form

The selection menu will help you define the Storage Category after selecting the Location Type.

We can also assign the Company involved in this process. We can leave this field blank if the companies share the same location. A field is available to enable or disable to understand whether it is a scrap location, “Is a Scrap Location”. Therefore, we can enable the same to manage the scrap products.

Having entered all the information, we can click the Store option to save it.

To Scrap a Product

To scrap a product, we may go to

  • Inventory > Operations > Scrap > Create


Click on the create button, and select the product and its quantity to be scrapped, and also the source location should be selected.


Having entered all the information, we can click the Save button to save the information. And click on the validate for the stock movement to happen once they validated it we can’t delete or cancel it.

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