Shipping Methods in Odoo 16

August 14, 2023

When a customer purchases a product or service from your company, it is crucial to guarantee the most efficient and reliable methods or routes for delivering the order to the customer’s location promptly and flawlessly. In the Odoo ERP system, you can save and manage records of transportation methods utilized by your company to ship products to your valued customers.

Ensuring timely delivery of products without compromising their integrity and at a reasonable shipping cost is crucial for creating a positive impression on your customers. Your company has the option to deliver products directly to customers or collaborate with third-party shipping companies. In both scenarios, Odoo guarantees a seamless workflow by accurately monitoring the entire delivery process.

Shipping Methods Configuration in Odoo

To enable the shipping methods feature in Odoo 16, you can easily access the Settings menu within the Sales module. From there, simply navigate to the Shipping tab, which is shown in the image below.


Here, you have the ability to activate Delivery Methods, which will assist in calculating shipping costs for your orders. Additionally, this window will display a comprehensive list of available third-party shippers, including FedEx Connector, bpost Connector, Sendcloud Connector, UPS Connector, DHL Express Connector, USPS Connector, and EasyPost Connector. Enabling these shipping methods allows us to utilize each of them.
In our discussion, we will focus on the general process of configuring shipping methods in Odoo. To configure shipping methods for specific shipping parties, you have two options. You can either use the external link provided next to each party, or you can follow these straightforward steps:

Go-to  Sale >> Configuration >> Shipping Methods

Then you will find the following list of available Shipping Methods.

And you will find comprehensive details about each Shipping Method, including the Name of the Delivery Method, Provider, Published status, Website, and other relevant information associated with each method.

Here we can discuss creating a new Shipping Method for product deliveries.

When you click on the “Create” button, it will open a new form where you can input the necessary information to create a new Shipping Method. This form allows you to specify the delivery method name, provider, publication status, website, and other relevant details as shown in the below image.

In the form for creating a new shipping method, you will find specific fields to input the necessary information:    
  1. Name: You can mention the name of the Shipping Method in the provided field.
  2. Website: To make this shipping method available on your eCommerce site, you will need to enter the corresponding Website ID.     
  3. Provider: In the Provider field, you can select suitable shipping providers for your delivery. This allows you to choose the most appropriate provider for your shipping needs.  

In the Provider field, you can select one shipping provider from the drop-down menu. However, if you need additional shipping providers, you have the option to install more using the corresponding option.  By clicking on “Install more Providers,” you will be directed to the AppStore. There, you can browse and install suitable shipping providers that meet your specific requirements. The AppStore offers a variety of options to enhance your shipping capabilities and choose the providers that align with your business needs.

After selecting a provider, you can further specify the Company and Delivery Product in their respective fields. This allows you to provide more specific information about the shipping method you are setting up.  Furthermore, in the Margin on Rate field, you can enter a percentage value. This percentage will be added to the base shipping cost, allowing you to account for any additional charges or markup associated with the shipping method. This helps ensure that the final shipping cost accurately reflects the total expenses involved.

Your chosen Provider determines the available tab in this window. If you select the “Fixed Price option”, you will have access to the “Pricing” tab, where you can specify the “Fixed Price” for this shipping method.

where you can specify the “Fixed Price” for this shipping method.

The Destination Availability tab allows you to specify the locations where this shipping method is available by indicating the Countries, States, and Zip Prefixes in the corresponding fields as shown below

Additionally, you can provide any relevant notes about this shipping method under the Description tab.

After all these configurations, you have the ability to apply a specific shipping method to a sales order. Once you have confirmed a sales order, you can specify the desired shipping method for the delivery. This can be done using the intuitive “Add Shipping” button, which is clearly highlighted in the accompanying image below for easy reference.

By selecting the “Add Shipping” button, you can easily access a variety of shipping options. This empowers you to choose the most suitable method for a seamless and efficient delivery experience, ensuring customer satisfaction.

After selecting a Shipping Method, simply click the Add button. This action will automatically create a new line in the Sale Order with the corresponding shipping cost, as demonstrated in the example below.

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