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January 6, 2021

The big business uncertainly loomed large after the pandemic outbreak is slowly on the way out with the strategic measures adopted by various companies, as part of their long-term survival tactics. A major shift from the offline world to the online world is the biggest change which was visible during this period. Companies which slowly migrated to the e-world enjoyed desirable business growth and trade margin with Odoo dubai ERP in 2021. Those forced to downsize their human resources were found exploring the online possibilities to makeover the void.

In fact, the possibilities of a new world were unveiled before the enterprising entrepreneurs in India and abroad during the COVID-19 time.

  • Off-line to online

As already mentioned, the drastic shift of most companies during the pandemic was the migration to convenient online platforms. This was mainly because of the compulsion to cut short the number of employees because of financial constraints. Subsequently, the companies which employed many employees for manual operation have learnt to handle it the online way by adopting the software. Odoo Software Dubai being popular, witnessed a commendable leap in its reach across the globe for assisting thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs. Many companies learnt the art of changing their conventional operations to the e-track and achieved a covetable growth target. The production process, quality management, sales monitoring, customer relations and after-sales service controlled by Odoo’s tailor-made solutions turned out to be an instant hit for the majority.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) based functioning

Artificial Intelligence-based administration is the latest trend in any business, where a lot of groundwork will have to be done for starting an action. AI will be possible only if a company has migrated to a successful ERP-based functioning. Odoo being the Best ERP provider is set to help any aspiring business player to have its magic paving the way for AI-based functioning. AI is now a key player in both the manufacturing and service industries. Those having multiple satellite units or remote operation centres will have to seriously consider taking their projects to the next level of AI-based function. They will have to migrate to a cost-effective ERP platform where Odoo Dubai can offer exemplary service.


  • Cloud acceleration possibilities

With more and more companies shifting their operations to a cloud-based ERP for cost-effective functioning, Odoo Dubai can be the best partner. The most attractive feature of Odoo’s cloud-based service is that one can easily manage their activities without having a software system in their own office. Whatever things to be done can be managed through the cloud-based support system. It will reduce the expenses on the companies and get better technical support from the dedicated team. The human resources utilisation can be optimised by opting for the cloud system, where a dedicated technical team will be by your side to supervise the operations. Everything can be done easily by accessing a central data resource pool. One of the major attractions of cloud-based operation is that it can reduce technical glitches to a large extent. Your files will be safe, and data security can be guaranteed.

  • Exploring digital trends

Gone are the days when marketing was only focused on the support of a few visual and print media. Digital marketing is the latest trend where the reach is beyond the expectations of any entrepreneur. The biggest plus of digital marketing is that it is rapid. The reach can be accurately estimated for proper follow-up actions. SMS marketing email marketing or any other social media marketing falls under the category of digital marketing. Only with the support of a trustworthy ERP, one can think of accelerating their digital marketing tools. Odoo ERP in 2021 has many options for its prospective clients who wish to take forward their digital marketing possibilities. Several user-friendly modules are now available to integrate with the ERP Dubai-based operations for the smooth handling of business communications and marketing requirements. 

  • A better understanding of the customer base

The migration of office activities to an ERP is the first step to accurately tracking customer preferences and acting accordingly for better performance in the industry. Based on the purchase or the details of the service accessed, the ERP can easily help you know the customers’ preferences. It can also help better understand the customers’ dislikes and the most liked or hated features of a service or product. We can further improve all these factors by adopting an AI-based ERP system. In 2021, Odoo ERP Dubai will create magic in different industrial sectors by helping entrepreneurs to step into the new e-world.

  • Communications beyond limits

Better communications with clients and business partners give way to better results in the business. An automated communication service is one of the highlights of Odoo modules where one can enjoy limitless features. Automated reminder messages to customers and business partners are such simple features that many companies struggle to do it manually. Those expecting futuristic growth during 2021 will have to seriously think of an Artificial Intelligence-based automated functioning, which will equip everyone to face situations like a pandemic outbreak without increasing the heartbeats. 

ERP Dubai is an evolving trend, where localisation has opened many opportunities for local businessmen. What you can enjoy here is the availability of ERP features in your own language complying with the country-specific requirements and tax regimes. Such a localisation was unavailable in the past, and that had kept away many aspiring clients from enjoying the ERP services. Now, the custom-made modules and applications are available in such a way as to customise them with the local requirements. The possibilities will be higher if you seek the support of a trusted Odoo partner. The trusted service providers can truly understand your business requirements and suggest the most important module to add to your ERP. All the new functions will be explained apart from conducting live demo sessions. Prompt technical support in case of any errors will be the biggest advantage for all to pick Odoo ERP for stepping into the amazing world of E-operations in 2021.


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