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September 9, 2022

The GITEX Dubai 2023 is here at the doorstep. The countdown for the mega-event has already begun. The world is keenly waiting for the opening of GITEX Technology Week.

What are you waiting for? Hurry to book your ticket to Dubai. Don’t forget to register your pass to enter the venue for GITEX in advance.

GITEX Technology Week will begin on October 16 with over 4000 taking parts companies. Your entries to 7 exhibitions, free workshops, talks, demos, and mentorship programs are controlled through the past. Also, GITEX offers four categories of the past to help you choose your events based on your preferences.

You can ensure your entry to paid workshops, speaker presentations, 14 conferences, delegate events, networking, and matchmaking platforms by booking the pass. Similarly, GITEX certified training program will help you grow your knowledge and skills and get them certified.

October 16- 20

GITEX 2023 is sure to enlighten your spirit and help you enter the digital universe. A global tech event for 41 years, GITEX opens up new vistas of opportunities for technology players across all verticals. The expo guarantees powers to smart cities, data economy, cyber security, mobility, telecom, and healthcare industries. Participants from 170 countries help the visitors explore cross-border innovations to promote a data economy.

The participation of over 400 active investors and globally recognized start-ups is sure to transform GITEX 2023 into a grand event. The technology week expects the participation of 4000+ innovators from tech companies globally. Similarly, several start-ups will also showcase their innovations and skills at the expo.

You can discover the benefits of revolutionary inventions in the technology industry. Likewise, hard-hitting debates and discussions across 14 verticals will fetch knowledge in the easiest and most accessible manner.

Meet Bassam Infotech @ GITEX

Bassam Infotech was a firm founded 24 years ago aiming to support small to large size enterprises in India, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Europe, and Africa. The team offers comprehensive services for ERP implementation, modification, and training experience. The experts at Bassam Infotech have implemented ERP in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, contracting work, project costing, finance, sales, and purchasing. They also have experience with retail, warehouse management, logistics, and HR management systems. After it completed successfully an ERP implementation, Bassam Infotech takes great care to develop a tailored strategy for ongoing project support.

Bassam Infotech’s mission is to provide the best ERP solutions for the small and medium business segments in the region. These solutions should help businesses solve operational challenges, streamline workflow, sell goods and services, boost revenues, increase productivity, and expand.

A customer who contacts Bassam for ERP implementation won’t have to worry about any upcoming support for upgrades anymore. Future support will be a feature that is guaranteed because the company views each of its customers as one of the most esteemed individuals in the Odoo community. Forgetting the size of the business or the nature of the activities, any promising entrepreneur can knock on Bassam’s doors and receive prompt help.

Any request for customization or expansion can be met without a lot of delays. Bassam takes pride in regularly communicating with its extensive clientele. And receiving updates on its field-level requirements, which is unheard of among other ERP providers. The organization also guarantees a ticket to a world of outstanding customer service where your requests and requirements are treated with the utmost respect.

 Why Visit Bassam Infotech at GITEX DUBAI?

Bassam Infotech is a leading ERP implementation and customization company operating in the UAE and India. The team can enhance the operations of your organization and build a strong base for automated finance and human resources management. Similarly, sales, marketing, product procurement, and all other activities become effortless once your join our team.

Enterprise resource planning software is a solution that lowers a company’s technology barriers and helps it grow. All corporate processes, including human resource management and manufacturing management, can be digitalized using ERP solutions. Partnering with the best ERP partner enables a company to set new standards for the sector and achieve greatness. Similar to large corporations, small and medium-sized businesses can lessen their reliance on labor by automating data and document management. The platform GITEX serves as a meeting place for international ERP service providers.

Whether you are attending a training or an expo, GITEX Dubai offers you a fantastic chance to choose the ideal ERP partner and write success tales. You may organize your business operations with the help of ERP, which guarantees centralized management of all operations. The benefits of ERP solutions include decentralized operation and single-click control.

Top ERP partner at GITEX.

Bassam Infotech, a top-rated ERP service provider in India and UAE, can guide you to achieve your business goals. As an official Odoo partner, also helps you build an ERP solution and train your staff to use it effectively. Bassam is a reputable ERP partner with 26 years of expertise in the sector, making him one of the top ERP partners at GITEX Dubai.

We guarantee total support for ERP integration, support, customization, and support. Likewise, Bassam promises thorough guidance for choosing your ERP solution. And the applications necessary for your organization, as well as post-implementation support. Team Bassam Infotech, is an ERP provider with experience in many industry verticals. Has been also in charge of overseeing the deployment and customization of Odoo Manufacturing. The team uses ERP software to improve e-learning platforms, giving education a unique focus.

Bassam stands out in the ERP market thanks to its expertise in customizing and implementing Odoo ERP for the construction, healthcare, and supply chain industries. The team has also shown its ability to implement ERP solutions for the logistics, textile, steel, real estate, and cosmetic industries.

Meet us at GITEX Dubai 2023 to partner with us to ensure the best support for ERP execution. The time is right now if you intend to give your company an overhaul by embracing ERP support. You may learn more about the various ERP options in person at Dubai World Trade Center. Enabling you to choose the ERP that is appropriate for your company. Besides Bassam, GITEX will host several other industry participants.

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