What are the Features of Odoo? |How Odoo helps Business Operations ?

August 30, 2021

Odoo ERP is an essential enterprise resource planning software for many businesses. An open-source software solution, Odoo is one of the most popular ERP solutions worldwide.

Fabien Pinckaers founded this amazing ERP solution in 2005. In the early years, Odoo was known as Tiny ERP. Later, in 2010, Tiny ERP was renamed Open ERP. Finally, in 2014, the name Odoo was finalized for the ERP and the company. 

Odoo got its name from the concept of On-Demand Open Objects. The ERP solution, unlike proprietary ERP tools, ensures comprehensive support for customization by integration. It is effortless to integrate Odoo tools with other Odoo apps and third-party applications. 

Odoo ERP ensures the best service at the most affordable price to the users and the Odoo modules can be integrated to customize the ERP to fit the business operations. Odoo is a complete solution for business management needs. This ERP Platform ensures effortless implementation, efficient training and flawless data migration support to the users.

Let us check out what are the Features of Odoo and How this ERP helps business operations.

  • Modular Structure

ERP with a modular structure, Odoo provides clients with a large collection of software applications for business management and development. This ERP solution is a compilation of several modules such as CRM, Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Accounting, Manufacturing, and HRMS. 

  • The Odoo team introduces new modules and features regularly to enhance business operations. In addition, team Odoo develops new modules following market review and requirement analysis. 
  • Odoo module integration benefits businesses. Odoo offers tremendous support to investors to manage the supply chain, customer relations, human resources management, and other operations.

Let us check the example of the supply chain. Odoo does not provide investors with single software for the supply chain management. Instead, key Odoo modules like Purchase and Sales. In the same way, we can perform the human resources management task effectively by integrating Timesheets, Employees, Recruitment, Attendance, Time Off, Approvals, Payroll, and other modules of Odoo.

  • Availability of Community and Enterprise Editions

Odoo with Community and Enterprise Editions can be accessed by paying a nominal fee and free of cost. The Community edition of Odoo does not require any license. The Enterprise Edition is a licensed version, which can be implemented with the support of Odoo Partners.

 Odoo Community can be implemented free of cost. It is the most efficient ERP solution for small businesses. If the investor wants to upgrade the ERP application and get the latest updates, he can depend on the enterprise edition.

  • Flexibility

Odoo ERP is the most flexible ERP system. We can ensure effortless completion of the customization of this application with the help of an Odoo Developer. A software developer can quickly and effortlessly use the source code of Odoo and customize the tools based on the business. 

  • Scalability

The size of the business is not a major concern if you are planning to implement Odoo. Be it a small, medium or large business venture, Odoo offers suitable ERP solutions.

As Odoo is a cost-effective solution, businesses can decide the amount to invest by picking the features required for their operation. Start-ups to large business ventures effectively operate with Odoo support.


  • Industry Specific

Customization helps all industries to trust Odoo ERP tools. The modules can be integrated wisely based on the industry. Wholesale and retail businesses, the hospital and hotel industry, construction and education sectors, and all other industries across the globe are relying on this application for efficient operation.

  • Easy Integration Support

Do you wish to merge some features of different software tools to improve the performance of your application? Then Odoo is the best choice. This is because Odoo not only permits the integration of Odoo modules but also supports the integration of Odoo applications with third-party applications to make your tool more effective. 

This will support you to manage different operations like eCommerce and Customer Relationship management with the same ERP tool. In addition, we can also integrate payment gateways and shipping platforms with Odoo for speedy business deals.

  • User-Friendly Interface

Odoo offers you the best interface with many options to customize your interface. The users can download themes and templates to improve user-friendliness. 

Odoo ERP allows graphic, list, and pivot views of reports and facts, enabling the users to have a glance at the facts. The views are designed to help even the less skilled person to use the tool the perfect way.

  • Plenty of Applications

Odoo being a community support ERP solution, Odoo partners and community are also frequently contributing to the development of the ERP. The App Store of Odoo offers over 10000 applications for clients. The highlight of Odoo is that we add 12 new apps to the list every day. 

You can pick the most suitable connector app from the App Store with no struggle. Odoo Apps guarantees 100 percent user-friendly support with no technical glitches. 

  • Regular Updates and Versions

From the beginning, as Tiny ERP, Odoo has released 14 versions. Team Odoo releases a new version every year that includes fresh features and new modules. In addition, new functionalities are added to the existing versions based on new technological advancements. Therefore, unlike proprietary versions, version releases are more frequent for Odoo.

The team analyses the market conditions and industry requirements regularly and updates the existing functionalities. Odoo also introduces new modules. The Odoo team and the community teams frequently review the performance of Odoo and carry out debugging activities. The security aspect of this software tool is also reviewed and updated to help the users. 

  • Odoo Partners

Odoo implementation can be performed with the direct help of Odoo SA or with the support of Odoo Partners. The Odoo partner is a company that offers Odoo services assuring quality. It is always beneficial for a customer to work with an official Odoo partner trained by Odoo.

Like Bassam Infotech, every Odoo partner has access to Odoo Enterprise source code. The Odoo partner has direct contact with the Odoo team easing Odoo implementation, customization and data migration tasks. 

An official Odoo partner can also offer you the best service within the shortest period. Moreover, chances for technical glitches and implementation failure are minimal if you work with an official partner of Odoo.

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