Bassam Infotech and Odoo Join Forces | The Indian Presence at GITEX 2023

June 21, 2023

What is GITEX 2023?

After the success of GITEX 2022, GITEX Global, the biggest and most diverse tech event is set for a new edition. The 43rd Edition of GITEX will return to Dubai in October 2023. It would bring together the most innovative companies and brightest minds to advance business, economy, society, and culture through the power of innovation.

Technology and innovation come together at GITEX for the benefit of the entire cosmos. The main goal of GITEX 2023 is to provide an environment where software engineers and coders may connect and collaborate. The Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX), is the largest technology expo in the world. It guarantees all major tech figures. The exhibition offers a venue for both large- and small-scale technology companies to showcase cutting-edge ideas. A visit to GITEX promises a preview of the newest trends. GITEX widens its borders every year by assuring the participation of more technology institutions, companies, and tech users.

GITEX concentrates on more than just technological advancement. It focuses on sustainability and is racing to develop technology that is net-zero and climate-friendly. The aim is to motivate organizations, corporations, and people to create plans to advance sustainable technology. The event will promote net zero goals, green business, and climate technology.

Odoo ERP2023

Odoo has been taking part in Gitex since 2015. The team will continue its participation in 2023 as well. Odoo consultants will wait to speak with individuals and organizations who are looking forward to introducing ERP culture to manage their businesses.

Odoo can meet the needs of small, medium, and large businesses since it is adaptable and completely integrated. Bassam joins Odoo to introduce the latest Odoo features to the visitors thronging the expo. GITEX 2023 is the most significant venue where visitors can learn about Odoo tools. As Odoo is set to release its new version of Odoo 17, visitors can gain knowledge about Odoo 17, Odoo 16, and the previous editions of Odoo.

Customers can review the benefits of Odoo 17 and how previous Odoo versions help to improve business operations. Odoo is the most popular and economically viable ERP solution to manage everything from accounts to HR management. Odoo is an ERP with a flexible design that may be used in any industry worldwide.

Visitors will interact with experts, view live demonstrations, and test fantastic products. Every Odoo tool, including fully functional e-Commerce, Odoo CRM, Odoo Point of Sale, Odoo Website, Odoo Inventory, and Odoo CRM will be shown at the expo.

Bassam Joins Odoo at GITEX

Bassam Infotech is the only Odoo Partner to join them at the Odoo Pavilion at GITEX. It is the trusted service and efficient customer management that has helped Bassam to find a place in the Odoo stand. The visitors reaching GITEX will interact with our team and learn more about Odoo services.

Bassam Infotech is a premier ERP installation company in the US, the UAE, and India. Bassam has a lengthy list of commendable successes attesting to its trustworthiness and expertise in the sector. Because of its 25 years of experience, Bassam stands out among its competitors. The company’s strength is a dedicated team of professionals with strong credentials who can find their way through any situation.

Thanks to its team of highly capable, dedicated, and task-driven employees, Bassam Infotech stands out in the industry. Experienced in working with small, medium, and big companies in the manufacturing and service industries, Bassam promises to complete any challenging task with ease.

Similarly, Bassam offers Odoo Software for job contracting, accounts, project costing, purchase, sales, retail, HR management, and logistics. The team’s dominance of the ERP market has helped the team find a place in the Odoo pavilion.

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How does Bassam’s Presence in Odoo Pavilion Revolutionize Indian Presence in GITEX?

Bassam Infotech is the only Odoo partner company that Odoo has selected. A team of experts from Bassam Infotech will join the Odoo team at the stand to interact with the visitors. Bassam’s presence in the Odoo stand at GITEX is a boost to Indian companies as it is a recognition of the commitment and trustworthiness of an Indian firm.

It is the expertise, experience, and service of the team that has elated Bassam to a premium partner of Odoo. Apart from India, Bassam has offices in the US, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia. Bassam has been selected by Odoo as a recognition of the efficient Odoo Implementation, Odoo Integration, Odoo Customisation, and Odoo Migration services.

Even after the installation is complete, the staff of Bassam Infotech continues their service to the client. The moment a person joins Bassam for ERP requirements, a long-term relationship is established.

What Makes Bassam Infotech the Most Efficient Odoo Partner?

Bassam Infotech never compromises the interests of its customers. Bassam has been a trusted Odoo partner because of his strong client relationships and dedication to exceeding client expectations. Similarly, Bassam provides economical and hassle-free packages for ERP implementation.

There are many approaches to tailor the ERP project’s execution depending on the budget. An Odoo Implementation Company should also check professional needs, long-term expansion goals, and other aspects of its clients. Bassam always assists customers in planning ERP implementation.

Interaction with the team members at GITEX will help the visitors know more about the team. The team’s commitment and upbeat attitude draw a sizable clientele. Thus, enabling Bassam to flourish in the sector.

GITEX 2023 is sure to offer a wonderful technical experience to all visitors. Ensure your participation in the Expo to make sure that your business scale heights with the help of the latest technologies. Similarly, growing with technology will support a business to save labor and time and increase production and profit. Don’t waste your time. Hurry to make your plans early to visit GITEX.

Visit GITEX and visit Odoo to interact with our Odoo experts.


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