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Best Odoo Erp Solution for Pharmaceutical Industry | Importance of Pharma Erp

August 17, 2020
Human resources reforming the operations of the Pharmaceutical Industry will no more be a bitter pill to swallow for investors in the field. Regulating product quality management, adhering to quality guidelines, and Odoo Software, the Best Odoo ERP for Pharmaceutical Industry assures effective management of stock and expiry. Pharmaceutical Company being an entire entity compared to that of the manufacturing industry, Odoo Software offers the customized ERP solution. It’s easy to comply with GxP (Good Practices) and manage CRF (Case Report Form) in the pharmaceutical industry with automated support to follow global guidelines and standards. Be prepared to set a benchmark for the pharma products by synchronizing manufacturing order management, counter and sample management, warehouse management, and monitoring. Comprehensive coordination is the main feature of this top ERP solution.

Advantages of Odoo Pharmaceutical Erp Software

  • Quality Control

Leave aside all worries vis-à-vis quality control in the Pharma industry by adopting automated systems and e-record management by signing up with Bassam Infotech, the best Odoo ERP Implementation Consultant. Different steps of drug manufacturing can be regulated with Odoo ERP by assessing legal, technical, and physical constraints. Automated software helps the production units and work centers to calculate the quantity of each component required for manufacturing a specific pharmaceutical drug. Mixing components to the sampling of the product and testing the quality comes under the service provided by Odoo ERP. Complying with GxP and CRF is made easy with the automated system to ensure the quality of drugs produced in the industry. GAMP level (Good Automated Manufacturing Practice) can also be assured with the ERP platform to ensure smart manufacturing. Testing temperature levels at the work centers and inventory, packaging quality, and validation features at different levels ensure flawless operation of the Industry. Risk management by ensuring integrity, security, and disaster recovery features by the ERP provides guarantees of hassle-free management of the pharma business. All legal hurdles, business requirements, and methods for test validation can be incorporated into the tailor-made ERP.
  • Bill of Material (BOM)

Preparing BoM for different drugs manufactured in the industry is made possible with ERP technologies. The component quantity for manufacturing a batch of products gets auto-updated. BOM is prepared based on the corresponding manufacturing order to ease the manufacturing process. The BOM also helps to manage stock and optimize productivity. We also made the subcontracting of components that are not manufactured at the unit possible with the sophisticated BOM feature of Odoo ERP software.
  • Manufacturing order management

Checking product order data is made easy by adding details of each retail customer. Harmonizing retailer details with order details including unit of measure, order management, quotation, and sell order management features automate the communication with the retailer. Organizing company data, generating professional quotations, and management of confirmation of payment also come in handy with the best ERP System offered by Odoo. Here, the calculation of price per unit and tax calculation gets automated along with manufacturing order management. Sale order management by auto-generated communication with the retailer regarding the stock is equally possible with the Odoo ERP.
  • Master Production Schedule

Plan the production schedule effectively for a longer period based on manufacturing orders and market trends with the help of Open source ERP Software. The details of the production process can be arranged date, week, and month-wise with the help of Odoo ERP for the Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • Work Centre Management and Scheduling Working Hours

It supports collaborated operations of work centers with effective use of e-platform for the pharma industry. The work allocation for different work centers and scheduling of working hours of employees to meet the human resources requirement gets automated with minimal data entry work with Best Odoo ERP Solution for Pharmaceutical Industry. Computing orders for pharmaceutical drugs and calculating of work hours required and the work centers to be used for the process gets simple with apt ERP Management. Improving efficiency and planning orders and preparing reports gets quicker with the Odoo ERP support system.


  • Expiration management

A well-equipped automated expiration management system of Odoo ERP enables efficient management of expiry date profiles of a particular batch of drugs. The sale of batches in accordance with the date of manufacturing and the date of expiry can be coordinated with the ERP solution. The life cycle of a drug is calculated following the global standards with the e-platform. Expiration alert generation and warning to dispose of products that have crossed the expiry date are important features of the expiry date management feature. Drug sample testing and the preservation of the samples for the prescribed period also become manageable with the custom ERP offered by Odoo. Being open-source software, Odoo provides the best security features for data management, sample detail, and patient data organization.
  • Warehouse Management

Incorporating Odoo Warehouse Management System with Pharma ERP, Odoo offers effective control to the manufacturer over warehouses. The warehouse automates control over temperature management and storage management at the inventory by complying with the quality guidelines for different drugs. Equipment management to maintain the stock of drugs and the proper arrangement of units of measures based on life cycle ensure the safe delivery of drugs to end-users. The ERP-connected warehouse management helps to get the stock-on-hand data and communicate the demand for stock updating with a mouse click. Control over multiple warehouses and coordination of sale activity with warehouses also can be done with Odoo Pharma ERP. It also supports the monitoring of warehouse movement and better control over sale activity.
  • Traceability

The Odoo ERP Implementation Consultant, Bassam Infotech assures you the Best ERP Solution for Pharmaceutical Industry assisted with Odoo for tracking the movement of every product. The movement of purchased components to manufactured drugs becomes traceable to the ERP application. Tracking of delay, acceptance by the retailer, loading of product, and every stage becomes transparent with batch number tracing. Odoo offers successful ERP implementation of an e-platform for the Pharmaceutical Industry by incorporating different modules including manufacturing, audit log, and warehouse management. This enables added features to the ERP to enable the industry to be compliant. Preparation of audit trail report helping to find every information to be maintained in a pharma industry keeps track of every process and persons involved in the industry.


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