CRM and ERP – Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning | Difference between CRM and ERP | Can CRM and ERP be integrated !

December 19, 2020

CRM and ERP are the two e-platforms that are used by many business ventures, organizations, and large and small industries across the globe. Improving the efficiency of operation CRM and ERP organize different operations of a business. It eases the management of customers, marketing activities, and other operations. Ensuring improved profitability, both these applications benefit a business financially. A user can either use a CRM alone or integrate it with other ERP software solutions.

Difference between CRM and ERP

 CRM can be defined as a pillar of ERP. That means ERP is integrated software that serves all business operations of a company or organization. CRM deals with customer management which comprises sales management, marketing automation, and customer satisfaction management. An ERP has many strongholds including CRM, Accounting, Supply chain, Manufacturing, and Human Resources Management.

A CRM does not support the user to manage accounting or human resources operations. An ERP helps to manage all operations including manufacturing, accounting, human resources, supply chain, and CRM. 

Let’s take a look at CRP and ERP and the Key features of Odoo CRM and Odoo ERP.

A CRM focuses on systematizing marketing efforts. It supports the organization to effortlessly list and manage sales pipelines. A user can also find out the time spent by a team for converting leads into an opportunity. Odoo CRM provides you with the solution to streamline all sales-related operations and helps to generate sales reports. Every chat or mail from the customer and the history of communication gets traceable with Odoo CRM.

ERP, as the name shows, gives the ultimate solution for enterprise resource planning. ERP support begins from the moment of purchase of raw materials or recruitment of employees. Purchase management, supply chain organization, accurate accounting, and human resources management. It supports payroll, recruitment, and expense management of employees along with attendance and time of recording. Better project and planning support, barcoding, inventory support, and product management comes as added features of ERP. ERP will also offer comprehensive CRM support for integration.

Can CRM and ERP be integrated?

CRM is an application that can be integrated with other applications and form a part of an efficient ERP solution. Integration of CRM in ERP helps to manage customer relations and sales operations efficiently along with the management of other business operations. 


Customizing customer relations through an internet platform could be an apt definition for CRM. It is a comprehensive solution for managing the operations of an organization, especially operations which are directly related to the customer. This application nurtures a business by offering a complete solution for perfect customer relations. Investing in CRM ensures multi-faceted benefits to the business.

 Improving sales operations, customer contact management, marketing performance evaluation, and customer satisfaction are the highlights of CRM applications.

  • Sale Management in CRM

The sale of a product or service, which has direct links with the customer, is the key function of a CRM software solution. Customer Relationship Management Software ensures better Sales Operations and hence simplifies sales, sale quotation, and sell order management with ease. It helps the business to save the time of their employees and offers quick help to the customers.


  • Lead Management

Generating lead from customer interaction or inquiry helps a business to develop new opportunities and hence improve business. Any query on the website, through a mobile phone, or other means is considered as leads by a CRM application. The moment a lead is generated, the lead is assigned to a team or individual. The CRM makes sure that the responsible persons take an effort to convert the lead into an opportunity. Here, the opportunity means the step further to the business where the customer proceeds to buy a service or product from the seller.

  • Team Management

Only the best team can manage the customers in the most perfect way. The CRM application offered by Odoo offers a support system to manage a good customer management team. The team will be assigned to deal with customer queries and complaints. Teams to convert leads into opportunities and then convert them into a long-lasting relationships can be guaranteed with Odoo CRM support.


ERP is a more comprehensive E-solution that can synchronize different operations of a business. Manufacturing, supply chain, accounts, and human resources wings of business get interconnected with ERP support. The Enterprise Resource Planning Software can manage purchases, e-commerce, subscription, and all other aspects of a business. All operations from planning to implementation and purchase to sale get systematized with the implementation of an ERP system. 

Let us take a glance at the Key features of a well-integrated ERP.

  • Manufacturing

It helps the business to manage every aspect of manufacturing the process. Purchase of raw materials, manufacturing orders, and work order management can be completed painlessly. It also ensures support to maintain the bill of materials, serial, and lot number management. Storage, transportation, and delivery of products also get integrated with Manufacturing ERP.

  • Accounting

Budgeting, planning, ledger entry, journal entry, and other finance-related matters get solid support with Odoo ERP. Cash rounding, payment gateways, and online payment also become easy with ERP support.

  • Human Resources

Listing job vacancies, inviting applications, and recruitment processes can be streamlined in an organization with an ERP. This also helps to manage employees, employee contracts and documents, appraisals, leave and attendance, and employee expenses.

  • Supply chain

Purchase, sale, and product delivery can be managed to ensure an uninterrupted supply chain mechanism. The best support for managing vendors, customers, and logistic services gets easier with this type of ERP solution.

  • CRM

CRM supports all customer relationship management-related operations in an ERP solution.

 Select the Best Software for your business

Selection of the most suitable ERP for your business depends on the requirement of your business. Bassam Infotech, Official Odoo Partner can help you decide. A business that focuses only on customer management and sales operations can prefer a CRM solution alone. A business that needs software support for accounting, human resources, and other operations can choose a comprehensive ERP. It will help to manage all aspects of a business and also enable customer management.


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