Differences between Odoo 14 and Odoo 13

October 3, 2020

Odoo, the ultimate solution for all ERP related worries, has come up with Odoo version 14 to improve user experience. Odoo introduces the new version with several modules and feature enhancements. Compared to Odoo 14 Vs Odoo 13 focuses more on saving employees’ time and to ensure cross-app integration.

A look into the new features of Odoo 14 will help you find out the benefits of Odoo 14 Vs Odoo 13. It will also throw light on the focal point of team Odoo while developing new apps and improving existing apps.

Odoo 14 gives thrust to enhancement than introducing new modules or applications. While Odoo 13 focused more on introducing new apps, Odoo 14 stressed on user interface improvement. Odoo 13 released a list of new applications, including E-Learning, Referrals, and Field Service Management. Odoo 14 has come up with only one new app. Instead of adding clutter to the existing system, the new app in Odoo 14 focuses on cleaning up space. The Odoo 14 enhancements are more security and result-oriented than technology-oriented.

Here, we can take a look at the key differences in Odoo 14 Vs Odoo 13

Odoo 14 gives thrust, saving memory and space.

Odoo team has introduced a new app in Odoo 14 to avoid clutter in the cloud-based software system. An application titled Data Cleaning is a brand new concept compared to Odoo 13. The new Odoo 14 version is sure to improve operational speed as all unnecessary documents can be automatically removed using the data cleaning app. Compared to Odoo 13, Odoo 14 will help you save the memory of your computer and cloud memory. Odoo 13 did not have any flagging feature to mark duplication of documents or the clutter of unnecessary documents.

Catchy and user-friendly web site for e-commerce

 Odoo 14 offers the best solution for e-commerce platforms. Compared to Odoo 13, it has many widgets specially designed to improve website experiences. The Odoo implementing company, with the help of Odoo 14, can ensure designing a professional e-commerce website without wasting time.

 Unlike Odoo 13, Odoo 14 has many website oriented widgets like, 
  • Countdown snippet
  • Auto popup widget
  • Masonry snippet

The difference in the document module

 Odoo 14’s Document module is designed in a way to create a spreadsheet of sale, revenue, purchase, and budget documents with a click. This feature, which is absent in Odoo 13, provides you with assistance to generate quick analysis and reports.

How is the CRM module in Odoo 14 different from Odoo 13?

  • Odoo 14 has introduced a new tab Generate Leads under the CRM module. This permits the user to generate leads, including the details of the country, state, industry size, and other aspects.
  • What’s more Odoo 14 has enhanced features to add the phone number and email details of a customer. On the other hand, Odoo 13 allows only customer details and expected revenue.

How POS differ in Odoo 14 and Odoo 13?

Odoo 14 has introduced two new UI for POS. It enables the user to configure a new product and parent category easily. Parent category marking is not possible with Odoo 13. Another brand new feature is email billing feature.

 Against products and product variants in the product category in Odoo old versions, Odoo 14 has introduced two more features- price lists and Loyalty programs for consumers.


Difference between the purchase module in Odoo 14 and 13

Odoo 14 has given more thrust to clean and easy to grasp views for dashboards. Instead of the clumsy listing of requests for quotation in Odoo 13, Odoo 14 offers a perfect view with details of requests to be sent, waiting, and late. It also gives a clear picture of the order deadline.

 This can improve the operations of your firm. Yet another feature that is new to Odoo 14 is Ask for Confirmation. While Odoo 13 lacked the scope for confirmation from vendors or retailers, Odoo 14 offers this feature to improve a small business.

  •  Odoo 14 offers a more comprehensive inventory module.

Odoo 14 gives a well-organized overview of the inventory with added tabs to document pick and pack details and internal transfer documents.

 Compared to the previous version, a key advantage of Odoo 14 is the Replenishment option. The tab helps to get stock of the product on hand and forecast preferred products easily. It also permits to set of reordering rules to carry out the replenishment activity in a scientific way.

  • Manufacturing module in Odoo 14 and 13

Manufacturing is the basis of every business concept. However, Odoo 14 has not introduced many direct changes to the manufacturing module. The key difference that could be traced in Manufacturing in Odoo 14 is the Planning tab’s inclusion. It enables the user to Run Scheduler. This will ensure the availability of products for operations. Besides, it will also influence the reordering process.

The difference between Forecast management in Odoo 14 and Odoo 13

While Odoo last version offered forecast support in inventory, Odoo 14 offers forecast assistance for sales and purchase management also.

  • Odoo 14 makes you smile.

Odoo 14 has introduced a smiley widget to make communication more informal. Odoo 13 lacked animated features for communication.

  • Odoo 14 is smarter with a smart date picker.

In Odoo 13, you have to click backward or forward to set a deadline. The process does not change even if you had to choose a date 10 years ago. But with Odoo 14, date picking gets smarter. With a single click, any date can be selected. This turns useful for manufacturing purchase and documentation.

  • Odoo 14 Expense Dashboard offers Expense Report

Unlike Odoo 13, Odoo 14 Expense Dashboard offers a clear picture of the expense report. It can list over 15 details, including taxes bill references and currency details. On the other hand, Odoo 13, Expense dashboard, titled My Expenses, can only list minimal details.

 There are many minor differences in the features of Odoo 13 and 14, which can be easily adapted once you start using Odoo 14. Whatever be the changes, Odoo 14 is sure to give a better experience to employees and other users. 


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