How does Odoo Support Multi-Store Management | Benefits of Odoo Multi Store Management Application

September 30, 2020

Be in charge of multiple retail stores with a suitable ERP solution. Running a multi-store retail business network is not an easy task. But with proper tools and labour support, it becomes a cool game. Here is the role of Odoo Multi-Store Management.

Enterprise Resource Planning tools are available to support you at every stage. A well-crafted tool can help you manage a multi-store the same way you manage a single store. 

Why do you need an ERP for Multi-store Management?

  • ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning Software can offer the best tool for running a business network. A cloud-based ERP solution interlinks all stores operated by the same investor. The cloud platform provides you with a common accounting, purchase management and document support system. 
  • ERP system implementation can coordinate all operations essential for a retail business. ERP applications give an online platform where you control all operations of your stores smoothly. It helps you manage stores in different countries without your physical presence. Employee management, marketing activities and other tasks get simpler with this ERP support.

Benefits of Multi-Store Management Application

Multi-store management helps the user to access the details of all stores with a single ERP solution. The purchase details, product details and contact details for all companies can be managed together if you are using an ERP application. ERP solution also assists you to list all contact details of customers and vendors with the multi-store management feature. 

How does Odoo Support Multi-Store Management?

  • Odoo Open Source Software Solution offers many modules which can be integrated easily for managing retail business chains.
  • Odoo gives the best software support for small businesses with Odoo Point of Sale (POS) module.
  • Technology adoption with the support of the Best ERP solution can ensure enhanced functioning of the multi-store business. 

Now, we can discuss the features of Odoo that will benefit Multi-Store Management.

Parental Company Formation

  • Implementing Odoo ERP will help you easily manage multi companies or multi-stores. Odoo provides you with the option to select one of your stores as a parental company. We can list all other shops in the network as child companies under the parental company. Someone can also manage together stores operational in different countries with the support of the best ERP solution.
  •  Odoo in its General Settings provides the option to add multiple companies. This feature enables the user to add many stores under a single company. With the Parental Company feature, you can easily list all your retail stores under one parental unit.

Common Contact Book

  • ERP technologies give you all-round support for managing the contact book for the business networks.
  • An investor can manage the contact details of customers of all retail stores in a common contact book. This feature enables to the organisation of the contact details of over one store. It can also help the investor to introduce email marketing and SMS marketing campaigns effectively.
  • The investor can send the details of discounts and special offers to all stores simultaneously with a common contact book. 

Separate Contact Book

  • Odoo also supports the management of separate contact books for child companies and parent companies; this can be useful for multi-store retail business dealers who focus on different products and do not want to contact detail integration.
  • By managing separate contact books of different stores in the network, you can plan different email and SMS marketing. Management of multi-stores in different locations can take advantage of this feature. 

Common Product Catalogue

  • Product Catalogue Management gets organized with ERP program. Odoo implementation will help the investor manage a common product catalog for all his companies; this is beneficial to take stock of the products and monitor pricing and sale. 
  • Odoo also supports you to manage separate product catalogs for the retail stores part of the network. Anyone selling different products in different stores can make use of this facility.

Report Generation Made Easy

  • We can easily integrate Odoo Point of Sale with many other Odoo Modules.
  • Once the Multi-Company feature is enabled in Odoo, all Odoo modules work in a way to integrate the operations of multi-stores. Odoo Accounting is no different.
  • With the help of the Accounting Module, the investor can easily generate a performance report for all his stores with a click. It helps generate a common report and a separate report. 


Multi-Store Inventory Management

  • ERP implementation helps to manage multiple warehouses. In the same way, Odoo ERP for multi-store management enables the user to manage the inventory of all stores.
  • A single click can monitor stock management, shelf-life management and product storage management. The unique e-platform offered by Odoo can help you easily look at the dead stock and plan marketing methods to improve the sale. 

Forecast Management 

  • Odoo Multi-Store management also helps you forecast sale opportunities for different stores and different products; this helps you to move stock from one store to another based on the demand for the product. 

Purchase Management

  • A retail business requires the constant purchase of products for the point-of-sale business.
  • The multi-Store management feature will help you organize purchases for parental stores and sub-stores effectively. We can also do together a generation of quotation and purchase order management, offering relaxation. 

Offer Management

  • It helps us in organizing separate and common contact books for the parental store and child stores. 
  • The Odoo ERP application will help you to plan online marketing and effectively offer management. 
  • The user can select social media campaign links, details, and contact details with ease; this will help to promote the parental store and child stores effectively. 
  • The custom ERP solution can easily integrate different modules; this will ensure a total solution at a single click for the management of multiple stores. The common platform makes the business a simple task inconsiderate of the country, state, location, or the product on sale at the child stores and parental stores.

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