Odoo Shipping Integration and it’s advantages

October 6, 2020

Shipping is the term used by the trading world for the transportation and delivery of a product. The success of a business depends on its successful shipping operations. Small business firms and large business groups rely mostly on logistic firms to transport products from one place to another. The movement of raw materials from vendors to manufacturers and the transport of finished products from the inventory to the customer are part of shipping activities.

What is Odoo Shipping Integration?

Shipping integration is integrating all aspects of the shipping and logistics movement of products with the help of an efficient ERP system. Shipping integration ensures better synchronization of all shipping-related processes. Odoo ERP helps to streamline Shipping operations. It provides an interface for efficient Shipping operations.

Shipping integration helps you to manage your business efficiently. The success of a business depends on the timely delivery of the product to the clients. Odoo Shipping Integration will achieve the task by coordinating all shipping-related activities. Odoo can help you manage good contact with the logistic firms and manage customer contacts. Proper tracking of the products is also assured with shipping integration.

How does ERP-assisted shipping integration benefit a business?

Odoo Shipping integration helps the user organize different operations and activities involved in selling and purchasing different products. An ERP tool offers a cloud-based platform for the user to synchronize the business with the help of an online platform.

Given below are a few Benefits of Odoo shipping integration.

  • Generate Shipment labels and invoices

Implementing ERP provides us with the support to generate quality shipment labels and invoices. Odoo provides several attractive templates for shipment labels. Unique labels will help the logistics firm and the customer get a clear idea about the product. This feature helps to generate easily identifiable labels for products belonging to different categories. Odoo helps you to generate unique labels for products requiring utmost care during transportation. Besides, Odoo Shipping integration makes it possible to use separate tags for packages containing chemical components and pharmaceutical drugs.

  • Save Time

Time is a precious component in business transactions. Shipping integration can improve the momentum of product transportation and delivery. Odoo integration comes to your rescue as it enables automatic batch picking from the inventory. Odoo Open Source Software solution also extends support for managing customers’ contact lists, account details, addresses, and payment modes. A well-maintained network of shipping firms also speeds up the transportation process.

  • Ensure Traceability

Product movement becomes traceable at every point with Odoo Shipping Integration. ERP for small businesses helps the investors manage the product’s movement with a proper lot number, serial number, and barcoding. As the delivery of a product can be traced throughout, the customer gets an auto-update about the product movement. Traceability also ensures the speedy delivery of products.

  • Frequent updates to customers

By integrating customer details, inventory, and shipment Odoo automates customer update messages. The customer will get updates on the product’s dispatch and the product’s arrival at different inventories or delivery points. The details of the delay and the proposed arrival time of the product also are updated with Shipping Integration.


  • Integrate all operations

Open Source ERP solution is the best platform for any business venture. With Odoo, the best ERP solution, the shipping process can be integrated with customer relationship management, contact management, inventory, PoS, and accounts management. It ensures transparency in the business.

  • Track delay

Ensure surveillance over the shipping activities with Odoo Shipping integration. It can play a vital role in tracking the delay reported during the transportation of products. The facility to track the details of trucks or other vehicles used for transporting the product improves the tracking facility. Odoo’s SMS and Email alert management system prevent unnecessary delays.

  • Maintain a digital record of the delivery process

Odoo partners can make your business a successful venture by providing you with support for digitalizing all documents. As all communications in an ERP platform are made with the help of cloud-based platforms, all documents get auto-stored in digital format. Email communication helps the customer to get a digital copy of the bill.

  • Ensures better planning

The integration of shipping activities with the help of ERP tools helps you to integrate business planning. Proper report generation and tracking records help a manufacturer or seller manage delivery time effectively. Proper planning of delivery gives support to save time and money.

  • Integrate Order Management

Odoo supports the integration of shipping with Order management. Odoo ERP is well-equipped to manage sell orders, purchase orders, and manufacturing orders. Transportation of components and products becomes effortless when the ERP is also used for shipping integration.

  • Contact Management

Odoo enables the integration of the customer’s contact details, including name, address, account details, payment methods, and communication methods. Transportation and delivery of products get more effective when shipping integration is done with Odoo support.

  • Goods categorization

The top ERP system helps you to generate product labels professionally. The categorization of products for the safe transportation of the goods is assured with shipping integration. The generation of invoices, bills, and labels helps with product delivery. The categorization alerts the shipping firms about the precautions to be taken while transporting the goods.

  • Quotation management of shipping firms

Apart from maintaining a contact book of customers, Odoo also supports shipping units’ management and transportation of products to customers and retailers. A custom ERP can easily help investors manage quotations from shipping firms. It will ensure the best service in goods transportation and delivery.

  • Schedule delivery time

Odoo offers report generation and business forecasting support to users. The improved ERP support can help a manufacturer or vendor plan delivery time based on the booking time and the distance between the inventory and the delivery point. Accurate scheduling of delivery time will win the trust of the customer.


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