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September 11, 2020

It is time to pick the best ERP support for the booming Electronics industry. Being an ever-evolving industry from the 20th century, an apt ERP solution can take you forward. Odoo is well equipped to integrate multi-level processing at various levels. Electronics ERP can help you manage every activity from purchase to sale and assembly at different levels with comfort.

Research and Development

It is open to conduct market analysis and manage R &D operation in tune with the market demand. Odoo Electronics ERP is equally powered to help you design electronic gadgets. For Electronics and Technology, it gives the ease of managing the design repository. It can also support the preservation of research documents and study reports. Innovative idea management and frequent communication between design and research wings become an effortless task with Odoo.

Manage Supply Chain

One can streamline the flow of information and products with the Odoo Electronics ERP. Being the Best Odoo consultant Bassam Infotech offers you all the tools to harmonize every business aspect. It helps you manage supplier and buyer transactions. ERP software enables the networking of different links involved in the supply chain. ERP software can improve sales, profitability, and productivity by enabling a complete monitoring system.

With Odoo integration, it can simplify the movement of purchased raw materials and semi-assembled goods to factories. The best ERP solution lets you track the movement of finished goods. It also supports speedy delivery and tracking of customer satisfaction. The direct benefits can be visible in the below areas:

  • Purchase
  • Sale
  • Logistics
  • Distribution

Effortlessly Manage Demand and Production

Are you finding it tough to manage demand and production?

Odoo Software solution is here to support you. With effective report generation and forecast features, Enterprise Resource Planning Software can quickly analyze the demand and enhance production.

Odoo helps us get a clear picture of past sales and identify the products that are of huge demand. It also helps to manage manufacturing order and sale order.

Take a glance at the Key Features of Odoo that helps in production management.

  • Market Analysis
  • Forecast Seasonal Demand
  • Work Hour Management
  • Labour Planning

Effective Inventory Management

Successful ERP implementation will support the easy management of inventory and Multiple Warehouses with a click. Cloud-based ERP will support the Technology industry to manage the inventory in an organized manner. Odoo helps the categorization of different products and management of warehouses at various locations, including different countries. It also sends alerts across the production units about the stock. Odoo inventory helps to keep a tab on the dead stock and generate a report on the stock.

Thus, Odoo inventory for the Technology industry is unique with the following features.

  • Barcode Facility
  • Batch Number
  • Scrap Management
  • Efficient Management of Stock and
  • Product Categorization

Professional Way to Manage Bill of Materials

Odoo apps extend support to generate Bill of Materials the most accurate way. It enables the comprehensive integration of all components for manufacturing in the Technology Industry. Odoo manufacturing helps to document the history of BOM. It can support routing and management of component lists for different electronic goods. Odoo Open Source Software supports every aspect of BoM, including,

  • Raw Material Purchase
  • Sub-Assemblies
  • Component Price Management and
  • Work Order Outsourcing

Best Cost Analysis Support

How important is cost analysis?

Analysing the cost of manufacturing and the revenue is the vital part of any business. The best ERP system can support cost analysis at different levels with the integration of different verticals. Odoo promises raw material price management, labor cost-cutting, and work center optimization. The ERP platform can also offer assistance to pricing and price list management. I also made finance management and account integration possible with Odoo ERP.

Have a look at the below features too for better awareness:

  • Raw Material Price Analysis
  • Pricing Support and
  • Cost Management

Improved Work Centre Management

The technology industry can get the best support from Odoo for listing tasks for work centers. It also assists in Work Order Management. The best ERP also enables routing at work centers.

Check Quality with Quality Checks

The Odoo Quality control module is sure to guide you and set a quality checklist for different products. The quality parameters for computer and related products, communication equipment, and electronic devices for the medical industry can be listed and monitored with Odoo. It also assures the quality of materials, sub-assemblies, and other components. ERP can also ensure the quality of industrial equipment, semiconductor products, IC chips, and other similar products. Odoo support also improves quality checks for communication technology-related devices, consumer electronics, and home appliances. Key highlights are:

  • Quality Alert
  • Quality Control Points
  • Quality Reports


Scientific Product Life-cycle Management

Product Life-cycle Management plays a crucial role in the Electrical and Electronics Manufacturing industry. The PLM module of Odoo ERP helps the manufacturer fix the warranty period. It also enables to fix the service conditions and service period. The warranty for different parts can also be set.

PLM module also promises support to enhance productivity. It prompts to accelerate the delivery of finished goods. Shelf management of products based on PLM is also possible with the ERP tool. Engineering Change Order management and approval for ECO can be done with ERP software.

Comprehensive Maintenance Network

Whether it is a completely automated or semi-automated industry, the Electronics Manufacturing industry needs the best software to manage repair and maintenance. Odoo maintenance provides a network to generate maintenance requests, repair requests, and approval for the request; this also helps the investor to introduce real-time monitoring.

The key ERP features that help in maintenance management are,
  • Repair Management
  • Maintenance Schedule Management
  • Effective Monitoring and
  • Sub-Contracting

Have you ever thought of having a suitable application that can handle all Electronics Manufacturing industry activities? Join hands with the best ERP consultants now. Odoo, being the open-source software, can offer you tailor-made services.

  • It gives a cloud-based platform making communication possible between all departments.
  • The best service at a low price is the motto of Odoo.
  • Precisely, Odoo also offers the best security features.

Let us take a look at some more key features of Odoo ERP, which makes it the best-suited software for the Electrical, Appliance and Component Manufacturing Industry.

  • Waste management
  • Support to comply with government guidelines
  • Safety support
  • Customer relationship management
  • Shipment
  • Traceability
  • Quotation generation
  • Manage retailers
  • Employee management and
  • Time management

    If you plan a new ERP Software implementation and you have heard about Odoo and got attracted by the Odoo ERP platform, decided to use it but don’t have time, resources, or knowledge to manage this yourself, thereby looking for professional assistance, then you have come to a right place. Bassam Infotech has implemented scores of Odoo ERP all around the world. In addition, we have also developed and delivered our own customized Odoo applications with minimal Odoo implementation cost.

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