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Features of Odoo 16 Website Module | Odoo Customization

May 30, 2023
odoo-16-website-module With Odoo 16, a website can be designed and managed easily. It provides a complete feature set for web development. There are ready-to-use themes and a website builder application included in the software, so it makes for one of the best tools available to manage a website. There is an easy-to-use interface for creating and managing web pages, changing banners, adding videos and media, editing content, and creating webpage layouts. Developers can use application-specific modules more simply by using themes that are ready-to-use It handles the functional components of website construction. And you can build a website within minutes using Odoo's website builder application without having to use code.


1. Website Builder

Odoo's website development features enable users to efficiently build a website and add essential details using features provided in this segment. While Odoo's website builder offers an engaging user experience, it is also a powerful tool for creating websites without coding.

2. E-Commerce

E-commerce platforms can be created using Odoo 16 website module because of its simple and scalable features. A variety of drag-and-drop functionalities, building blocks, themes, and a wide range of e-commerce features make e-commerce features and functions extremely user-friendly and effective. In just a few steps, users can create e-commerce entities.

3. Blogs

Almost any type of website page needs a blog, and this can significantly improve the digital media communication aspect. Blog posts can easily be managed through the Odoo blog page, which reduces the need for designers to worry about design. By using Odoo, users can create content, manage their blog, choose a design, and access it from a mobile device, which gives them more time to create. Blog post comments give users the opportunity to solicit feedback from their readers through the application's most creative blog design. Mobile users can also access the Odoo blogs from other social media sites and their blogs can be shared on other social media sites. Request Your Free Quote

4. Forums

In search engine results, search engines reward websites with frequent postings of original content. Rank for more keywords and improve your SEO with fresh content created by our community every day. The search engines, such as Google, reward websites that regularly post unique content.

5. Live Chat

By using the Odoo Live Chat function, users can connect directly with their customers, helping to directly target the right audience. Providing excellent customer service while targeting your audience by country is possible.

6. E-Learning

It's quick editing process and engaging content makes the Odoo e-learning platform preferred by business organizations. A major feature of Odoo 16 is the ability to create metrics, quizzes, reviews, lessons, and group lessons visually, besides enabling certification for users.


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