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July 29, 2022

Customers form the backbone of any business. A cordial customer relationship will help the investors grow beyond boundaries. What can help the business improvise the customer relationship? Undoubtedly, an ERP can play a crucial role in improving Business to Customer relationships. ERP helps the business to generate leads with the help of email, SMS, and other campaign methods. A comprehensive CRM solution paves the way for significant business growth. The biggest advantage of ERP is its ability to offer a single point of control for business management. An efficiently designed CRM tool can take you ahead of the world by automating many customer relationship activities. Odoo 16 CRM, the latest CRM tool in Odoo offers a set of exclusive features. Reduced data entry work and improvised functionalities are the highlights of Odoo 16 CRM. An Open-source platform, Odoo can do wonders if implemented and customized by an experienced team. 

 Bassam Infotech, the best Odoo services in UAE, can help you implement and customize support. The attraction of an optimized customer relationship management software is that it can converse with lakhs of customers simultaneously. Odoo CRM helps you assess the feedback quickly and start follow-up actions without delay. Thus, the increase in revenue becomes a reality through effective handling of customers through the software. It is hardly possible with companies that stick to legacy systems and conventional types of communications. 

 Improvised user interface

Gone are the days when customers used conventional techniques to communicate with their customers. For them, it was also tough to converse with multiple customers at a time in the past. The modern user interface at Odoo has redefined the whole system. The options are also unlimited. One can use bulk emails, auto-generation features, SMS service, and lead generation support to improve customer relationships.

The main attraction of the latest CRM module is that it is low-cost. The users do not need to invest heavily in customizing the ERP as Odoo is a cost-effective solution. And we can also easily update customer data with Odoo. Automatic campaign creation is possible to interact with the target audience. Even location-wise campaigns are also possible to meet the business needs. A mobile user interface is also available to achieve targets on the move.

 Reduce data entry challenge

The CRM software makes it possible to reduce manual data entry. Lead generation helps to automatically send quotes to prospective customers and send related emails to them. The drag-and-drop options are highly user-friendly and manageable for anyone.

A significant benefit of Odoo CRM is the automation of data entry and synchronization. We can also set aside manual ways of data management and contact management with Odoo 16. Management can save a lot of time working with the latest CRM options. If you are planning to generate quotes you can do it even from VoIP calls with the help of the user-friendly dashboard interface available in Odoo 16 CRM. The latest version of Odoo CRM offers everything to manage the customer relationship with a few clicks and simple tricks.

 Lead creation in the best way

Creating campaigns with automatic message-sending features is one of the best tools in CRM. The organization can stop investing time in sending messages or emails to the customers. Instead, also we can start automated campaigns to start business and keep customers. Stop spending huge amounts for sending promotional emails and messages to the customers, and Odoo 16 CRM helps you start SMS and Email campaigns at minimum expense. Unlike in the past, it takes minimal time, human effort, and risk. Accuracy, clarity, and swiftness are some of the key features of such emails compared with manual ones.

Lead scoring becomes an easy task based on the data available through the effective customer module. One can easily identify and analyze the location of the prospective client, the time they received the messages, and its penetration ratio. The victors’ IP addresses will be visible for assessing the impact of the messages. Conversion of leads into opportunities thus becomes an easy task.

 Live chat features

The interactive online openings like live chat give more freedom for the Odoo users to maintain their contact with clients. Automated reply sending options are one of the key features of such a facility. Multiple persons will receive the messages simultaneously. It will help companies to reach out to their potential clients with little investment or time.

It will be easy for scheduling meetings, and action plans, monitor call logs, and management of related activities. An address book with easy access comes as the biggest advantage with auto-update. Customer preferences and the full history of previous interactions become an easy area for future references.

 Easy calls and communication templates

VoIP server management becomes very easy enabling us to connect with the customers using a direct call facility. One can easily schedule calls at the desired time to connect with the customers. A queue system effectively works with the CRM module.

Similarly, attractive templates are available for email communications. It is also possible to isolate failed emails and think of resending options with little headache. In effect, it is possible to manage an efficient communication system using the Odoo CRM module.

 Effective integration

The effective integration of various modules and functions is also possible when one company adopts the Odoo CRM for better performance. Integration of sales, inventory and other online data is also possible with the CRM module in Odoo for easy management of the whole business. Various software can easily establish connections with the customer relationship management module for better functioning.

E-commerce comes to the next level with the successful integration of allied tools and modules with the CRM. For example, Google docs can easily merge with Odoo CRM. And all the marketing apps can establish connections with the CRM for coordinated communications. And Email marketing also gets better teeth with the latest communication tools.

 Better analysis

The CRM module is about the scientific analysis of all available data and its proper linkage for handling all communications. An uninterrupted follow-up for lead generation makes it quite different from all other modules in the business. All internal and external communications will work with the CRM apart from its integration with the other supported platforms.

Data loss or failure in handling multiple communications never happens if the business uses a customized Odoo CRM. With the automated communication process, one can ensure that the required lead lands at their desk without fail. The whole business process gets automated with Odoo CRM.

Giving a personal touch to communications is also possible with the micro-level customer data in Odoo CRM. For example, greeting customers on their birthday is possible using an effective customer interface. Building a personal relationship with the customers helps the business improve business and build customer relationships. Also, Odoo CRM makes it possible to create a list of key or loyal customers for more focused interactions and communications. Contact Bassam, the best ERP implementation company in UAE, for implementing Odoo CRM.


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