Lead Mining In Odoo 16 CRM

January 9, 2023

Lead mining is an effective method of generating dependable leads in an organization. Developing dependable leads for your organization is made easier with lead mining. Organizations mainly concentrated on generating leads, and because of this, they will have growth. It is mainly helpful for the sales team because they can make this lead to buyers. Can track the progress of leads from initial contact to closing. By mining the database for leads, you can produce leads from scratch. This is helpful with Odoo 16 CRM Module.

Activate Lead Mining in Odoo 16 CRM?

In the Odoo 16 CRM module, users want to activate the lead mining option, to do activation go to the configuration tab, and then click Setting, So The Lead Mining option can be found below the Lead Generation section in Settings. A screenshot of this is attached below.


By clicking the lead mining option, we can generate new leads based on industry, and country. Etc. You can also purchase credits and view services through Lead Mining. By completing this just click the save button. Next, we want to create a lead mining request.

Creating Lead Mining Option in Odoo CRM

The business can experience a rapid increase in success with the utilization of the lead mining option in Odoo CRM. To create a request, go to.

configuration tab -> Lead Mining Request (Lead Generation Section)

Click the CREATE button to generate a new view is just attached below

new-lead-mining-requestsAfter clicking CREATE a new window will appear, including multiple leads to be generated beneath the ‘What do you need?’ portion. Below we added three leads to be generated. The target can be selected as Companies or Companies and their Contacts. below we selected companies. Select the countries and states where your company is based after selecting the Companies option.

after-selecting-the-companies-optionIn the Industries field, as shown in the screenshot below, you can select the production for your company.

The Filter on Size field also allows users to filter based on company size. So when we enable the filter option, then we can filter on the basis of employee size from a range.

So we just selected employee range from 100 to 1000. Next, we can just select Type as leads, because we are generating leads and Sales team as Sales, and assign the salesperson, also select the default tag option as well.

generating-leads-and-Sales-team-as-SalesAs we early said we have two options -companies and companies and their contacts. Let’s select companies and their contact. In the end, a new space is available for requesting contact information.

In the Extra contacts per Company field, we apply for five numbers. Also, we can filter based on role and seniority. Here we just selected seniority and select the level as shown below in the screenshot.

seniority-and-select-the-levelAlso, we can filter based on role. After selecting the role option a preferred role option comes, then just select the preferred role, and also we can select other roles option, here we can select multiple values just like shown in the below screenshot.

new-lead-mining-requestesSo, after adding all these details, the above details are saved manually. Then finally we want to upload all these details by clicking SUBMIT button, In the main window, you can view the lead request that has been created. Therefore, users can quickly generate a lead mining request within Odoo 16 CRM.


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