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ODOO 15 IS COMING SOON !!!! | Odoo 15 Expected Features

Yes, you’ve heard it right. One of the world’s most comprehensive ERP software is ready with its yet another anticipated version – ‘Odoo 15’.

Odoo never fails to surprise its users with its new features and updates every year. And this year is no different. With each new version, Odoo has been catering to the needs of its users by bringing in features and updates, which makes it more approachable as one of the world’s easiest and user-friendly ERP Software.

Presently Odoo’s latest version Odoo 14, which was released last year, is considered as one of the most advanced and fastest version and is very well packed with some advanced features that is surely giving its competitors in the business market a tough fight. So with Odoo 15 being on the verge of its release, we can expect some mind-blowing and extraordinary updates and features that will definitely help the current Odoo users and will also help to increase the Odoo Customer base worldwide.


Odoo 15 is expected to be launched this year during the Odoo Experience, which is an annual event where Odoo, along with its partners and community members join to discuss and share Odoo’s best practices, development, functional capabilities and business growth.

With the COVID conditions still gripping the world, this year Odoo Experience will be a two-day online event which is expected to be held on 6th and 7th October 2021. So you can experience all the actions from your comfort zone.


Worldwide Odoo Partners and Users are waiting in much anticipation to experience the new and advanced features of Odoo 15. Complete details regarding these features can only be procured after its release. Some of the expected features in Odoo 15 include –

1. Improved and Advanced Import Screen

One of the main highlights of Odoo 15 is the ‘Advanced Import Screen.’ The main feature included is the ability to handle Cash Rounding and Currency Exchange Rate while importing Invoices under the ‘Accounting’ section.
A separate ‘Cash Rounding’ feature will also be present in the ‘Management’ section. Users can thus choose the earlier developed Rounding Methods for Customer Invoices and use them for the new one.

2. Editable Graph and Pivot Views

One of the main attractions of Odoo is the various views for data representation such as pivot view, graph view, etc. Odoo 15 will be launched with user-friendly updates mainly in Pivot and Graph views, wherein users can edit and adjust graphs in the Odoo Studio. This will definitely enhance the data representation while providing much valuable insights into the data. This will also make data comparison much easier.

3. New and Advanced HTML Editor

Another attraction of Odoo 15 which will attract more developers, is the introduction of an advanced HTML Editor. HTML Editor is mainly used by developers to enhance productivity using HTML codes. Therefore, this new HTML Editor will serve as an important update for all the developers.

4. Coupons and Promotions in Point of Sale (PoS)

Who doesn’t wish for coupon and promotion discounts… Odoo 15 is ready to bring an updated feature of implementing Sale coupons and Promotions in PoS(Point of Sale). Users can create and save coupon details which can then be used in PoS orders. This will ultimately be reflected in the Customer’s Invoice.

5. Project Task Cover Image

Users will be able to set a cover image for the project tasks in the kanban view which will ultimately help them to easily identify different tasks.


6. Accounting

Odoo 15 will help its users to generate a CSV file containing all the information needed to electronically file company 1099 reports in bulk and also generate NACHA (National Automated Clearing House Association) files for batch payment processing.

7. Improved Functionality

Odoo 15 comes with improved and updated spreadsheets that will include features such as formula assistant, real-time collaboration, edit bar, find and replace, and much more.

8. E-Commerce

More vibrant and attractive designing of E-Commerce Product Page.

9. Lead Management

Direct creation of leads in Gmail using Gmail addon which will be included in updated Lead and Pipeline Management.

10. Website Builder

Odoo 15 comes with a new functionality to add custom shape and designs for images in Odoo Website Builder.

11. Inventory Adjustments

Revamped Inventory Adjustment view with filters to identify negative stocks and duplicated serial numbers.

12. Payment API Compatibility

Improved and enhanced payment validation and also improved compatibility with payment provider APIs is another attraction of Odoo15.
and much more……..

So get ready to witness the whole new exciting features and updates which will definitely elevate your Odoo Experience.


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