Odoo 17 ERP Features for Trading Business

November 27, 2023

Odoo 17, the latest version of the renowned ERP solution will help you with the navigation of complex supply chains, product portfolios, and evolving marketing trends. Odoo 17 can elevate the trading business to new heights of Productivity and Profitability. Let’s have a view of the new Odoo 17 interface.


Trading Business Benefits from Odoo ERP

When it comes to trading business, the primary goal is something that is related to the purchase of products, and assets with a lower price and selling them at a profitable margin. Different types of trading are there can benefit from Odoo implementation. Let’s look into the modules in detail.


Accounting Module

Some of the new features that Odoo 17 highlights are as follows.

  • Improved Partner Creation: The VAT number and partner name can now be prefilled on manual matching for easy partner creation.
  • AI-Powered Bills: The account and tax prediction on vendor bill lines has been activated in Odoo 17. Product prediction can also be enabled in the settings.
  • Express VAT in local Currency on Invoices: Invoices sent to customers are computed in the local currency.
  • Auto-Reconcile: In Odoo 17, a new wizard will help you do auto-reconciliation.
  • Improved Report Loading Speed: Accounting reports will load faster in large databases with the addition of a new prefix group mechanism.

Some of the major additions are mentioned here, now we can go with other modules.

Manufacturing Module

  • BOM Generation: Generate BOMs from manufacturing orders, updating BOM’s with changes in confirmed manufacturing orders.
  • UX Enhancements
  • Simplified work order management with a list view

Sales Module

  • Sales Without Pricelists: Sales flow can be used without pricelists.
  • Mass cancellation Of Quotation: Multiple quotations can be canceled by selecting all at a time.
  • Wire Transfers and Payment Instruction: Using available bank accounts, payment instructions can be generated for wire transfers.
  • Lock Sales Order: Sales order can be locked at any point in time.

Purchase Module

  • Operations Menu: The updated version helps to find out the operations quickly.
  • Lots expiry and Quantity Mass Entry: When pasting multiple lots/serial numbers, users can efficiently enter the expiration dates and quantities by mass entering their lots/serial numbers.
  • Report Barcodes: With the help of reception reports with barcodes, picking and packing from one place to another will be easy.
  • LOT Properties: Lots number displayed on the quant.

So these are some of the Odoo 17 features that can also benefit the Trading business. This includes new properties with POS Module, E-Commerce, Online Payments, etc.

Odoo 17 ERP Benefits and Trading Business

Different types of trading include Retail Trading, Wholesale Trading, Commodity Trading, Stock Trading, Forex and Online Trading. Trading businesses can have significant benefits by implementing Odoo.

Trading ERP’s features and capabilities :

  • In addition to optimizing stock levels, reducing carrying costs, and ensuring product availability, Odoo helps with efficient Inventory Management.
  • By automating purchase orders, managing suppliers, and negotiating with vendors, simplified procurement simplifies the procurement process.
  • You can improve warehouse efficiency with features such as pick, pack, and ship management. Using Odoo Reporting and Analytics, you can create customized dashboards and reports to gain a deeper understanding of trading performance.

A trading business can enhance customer service, reduce costs, and streamline operations by implementing Odoo. As a game-changer in trading enterprises, Odoo reinvents the way businesses operate and succeed. Furthermore, Odoo 17 offers advanced features for efficient inventory management, streamlined procurement, enhanced financial control, and more. Business has never been more promising, and Odoo 17 guides businesses toward greater productivity, profitability, and enduring success.

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