Odoo Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Features

March 28, 2023
Odoo CRM

We can keep all leads and opportunities in one place by using the CRM module in Odoo ERP Software. It allows for control between stages and a centralized view of all results. Nowadays, salespeople want all the information within one window, so they can check their probability quickly. A manager is also interested in seeing the work that was done and the pipeline. All of this information is gathered from a single place in Odoo, which makes it easier for the sales force and workers to get their information. This module can continuously perform salesperson evaluations, from the initiation of sales leads to the completion of sales procedures, thus ensuring customer loyalty.

Features of Odoo CRM Module

  1. Customization 

Many features make up every business, one of which is the CRM module, which can serve all your business needs. It is possible to select the features of the CRM solutions to include in your package based on your needs. With APIs, you can extend the features of your CRM software to a greater extent and expand your business even further. The APIs enable the software to be integrated with the company’s existing business solutions.

  1. Automation of workflows

The CRM Module automates and automates your workflow, making your life very easy. Software that enhances your sales team’s productivity by setting up custom rules for them to use to support you. A CRM module allows you to activate an event and pass the message on to the sales team on its own by activating an event. When a salesperson makes a call or completes a task. The Odoo CRM Module features will automatically inform the supervisor about that task on its own.

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  1. Employee tracking

With CRM modules, users can also keep track of their customers’ work and performance easily. In addition, they have the capability of tracking their work, working hours, and many others. The dashboard will be accessible to supervisors and higher authorities, who can also see the worker’s goal, completed work, and other information.

  1. Third-party integration 

It is possible to link your CRM software with other solutions to save time and money. This linking between CRM and third-party software is a common practice, and the key is making it as easy to use as possible.

  1. Reporting

CRM Modules have other important features, such as reporting. Which shows the results of sales and conforms to standards across all CRMs researched. In this report feature, you can also find out how many leads were generated in a certain period. How many sales were generated in a particular period, and which agents closed particular leads? And how many leads they closed, which opportunities to close the leads were identified, and many more.


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