What services does Odoo ERP provide? 

May 5, 2022

One of the most repeated queries in the virtual space these days is about the most trusted and popular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. In the modern era, the demand for an efficient ERP to streamline business operations is on the increase. Let’s discuss Odoo support and services.

For the result-oriented and progressive companies, Odoo is the first and last answer to their query. For several decades, Odoo has been creating history in the world of ERP with many customisable options. The biggest advantage continues to be the affordable pricing, quality service and other technical support. 

Services Odoo ERP provides

Let us have a quick look at the services Odoo provides to make it the number one ERP across the world. Precisely, the biggest attraction of Odoo is that it has not failed to cover any area of business operation since its inception. Every day, new modules add charm to the Odoo world. It meets the customers’ higher expectations. So we can even equate the progress of the business world with the pace of development that takes place in the Odoo world. 

One-stop solution 

Whatever be your business, Odoo can emerge as a one-stop solution for all your managerial, accounting and HR management requirements. Whether it is a service industry or manufacturing firm. We can streamline the entire operations through Odoo. Above all, One can add additional modules for each segment to enjoy a customised experience at a very affordable cost. So, Odoo is simply a management suite where about 30 main applications support operations. Besides, about 16,000 customised applications support multi-level operations. 

Areas of Odoo Services

  • Odoo services cover areas, such as Customer Relations Management, e-commerce, accounting, point of sale support, project management, human resources management, and support applications for various service and manufacturing industries.
  • These are the areas where the Odoo ERP caters to millions of customers and industries across the globe. Newer modules and products are making their entry each day. And, the same is the case with those who drop legacy systems to grab the latest features in the Odoo world. 

Development services at their best 

  • With several decades of experience, the professionals working in the field are experts in developing various Odoo ERP services. So, They can discuss and complete a suitable Odoo ERP Service plan depending on the character and requirement of each industry.
  • Their consultation is easily accessible for aspiring companies to experience the features of Odoo. Those who depend on legacy systems can easily use the service support of Odoo professionals. And they can discuss the migration process.
  •  The consultation never ends with some discussions. The professionals will help you complete the migration process with no data loss or technical error.
  • The ongoing operations of the company will never stop during the process. One can definitely experience a customer-friendly approach clarifying doubts at each step. Also, they can experience guidance for a trouble-free operation.


  • The optimum utilisation of Odoo becomes possible with the accurate customisation of the existing modules based on the actual requirement of the users. Across the globe, Odoo provides support to the users to better understand their requirements and come up with perfect solutions.
  • Odoo being open-source software, the developers can easily attain your dream product with the required services within the best possible time. 
  • The services will be available through the virtual support system or on-site help. Whatever be the nature of the industry or service firm, the professional teams behind the customisation process will address it within the stipulated time. Also, the users have the freedom to consider the upgrading process at their convenience.
  • They will also get opportunities aplenty to interact with the Odoo support team. They will help in knowing the features and functions of the customised applications. Therefore, If you are planning ERP customization, you can contact Bassam, the best ERP Customization Service in UAE. 

Integration of other software 

The challenge for many companies is the integration of other software with the new system. With Odoo, such works become a cakewalk. In brief, One will not have to worry about a cost-effective and trouble-free integration of other software with Odoo, as Odoo professionals have been handling such requirements for years. 

Third-party applications

  • The third-party applications can easily function with Odoo as it does not limit the freedom of operation at any point. Available API keys and web services will come to the help of the users to complete the easy integration process. The same is the case with the migration of new Odoo versions.
  • Obviously, With the migration process, the users will get better features, speed and additional options to support the business operations. 

Consultancy services and training 

  • The moment one thinks about ERP Software, they can use the support of Odoo professionals to get a clear idea about the implementation process. Those working with legacy systems will definitely have a lot of doubts and confusion when beginning the process. Naturally, the Odoo team is well-equipped to handle such apprehensions in the most comfortable way.
  • The purpose of training and consultancy service is to give a clear understanding of the product, the migration process and the results of the new system. Therefore, At Odoo, the users can definitely expect quality training to optimise the use of the customised software. Only very few RP teams take us such a serious responsibility.
  • At Odoo, the team considers it a priority area. First, there will be multiple interactive sessions to make the clients aware of the functions and features of the ERP.
  • Odoo also comprehensive support and options to upgrade for performing advanced functions. So, Customer support comes as another priority area where the professionals make the users comfortable with their spot help. 

Flexible maintenance contracts 

A very flexible maintenance contract is also one highlight of Odoo’s service. Above all, those who migrate to Odoo will not have to worry about unexpected technical errors or performance issues.

Customer support – Odoo Support

  • A 24×7 customer support with an online and on-site service network assures a smooth experience for all Odoo users in the world. The biggest advantage of Odoo customer support is that it gives real-time results in settling complaints.
  • The support of such a professional network avoids chances of unexpected data loss and disruption of ongoing works. Precisely, one can enjoy a trouble-free association with Odoo throughout their business hours. 

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