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May 7, 2022

Odoo venue booking or event booking module comes up with a set of attractive features to reduce the workload of arranging public and private events. Complete online management of the process is possible with the implementation of ERP . The organisers can enjoy their responsibilities with ease if the Odoo tool is used to manage the events. They can carry out every role using the online tools created for the purpose. Managing details such as the number of participants, payment management, refund, customer complaints, and related issues will be an easy task with the venue booking module.

The biggest attraction is that such a system will naturally reduce a lot of manual interventions and additional costs. The effort wasted on multiple management roles will become a thing of the past with the venue booking system. With customers, they can reduce their direct physical interactions with the organisers to reserve their slots. It also offers the convenience of completing the reservation process from any part of the world.

Multiple services 

  • The creation of events like musical concerts, stage shows, public meetings, award nights or memorial meets is possible in an organised way with the event booking or venue booking module. Whatever be the type of event, the format adopted in the software easily fits the requirement and scientific management.
  • It is possible to think and implement various types of tickets and seating arrangements with the help of this module. The event manager can control everything from a single point and coordinate with his subordinates. They can also get the list of total confirmed participants in advance and make the arrangements. Accuracy and precision in data thus lead to the successful conducting of the event.

Great features 

  • A fast event booking calendar with email alert features makes event management easy in this field. Display of details of events and additional features is possible through simple clicks. Such an effortless event creation online saves time for the planning process. Event booking confirmation and receipt generation becomes easy tasks throughout the process.
  • A user-friendly interface is another attraction of the system. The interested participants in the events can use the online booking and payment system. They can do everything from a single window with user-friendly navigation.

Easy to follow up

  • Effective filtering off the list and accurate analysis of the feedback are possible with event management tools. The details of people who viewed the ad, those who booked it to attend the show, and those who failed to complete the transactions can be accessed easily using Odoo enterprise resource planning software
  • The event booking plug-in also comes in handy for the module. Easy enabling and disabling options offer better control over the mass booking system.

Reduced human resources

  • By signing up with the Odoo venue booking system, one can easily reduce the human resources needed to manage and monitor the event. Once the promo is created with the required plug-in for booking, they can effortlessly monitor the process through the module. The interventions needed to make any urgent alterations are also possible with the online booking system.
  • The event manager will be the control point to take advantage of the venue booking system. He or she can take online control over the whole affairs and make accurate predictions based on the booking history. Also, they can easily deal with complaints and queries related to cancellations and refunds.

Better online visibility

  • The Odoo venue booking module will assure better online visibility to attract customers. It also gives options to share widely among the prospective audience. One can even use their smartphones to complete the reservation process within a few simple steps.
  • A significant attraction of such event management is that we can plan everything in advance under the total number of participants. The users can revise the seating arrangements after reviewing the number of bookings or queries. In effect, the entrepreneurs in this field can get better results throughout the process and reduce the dependence on predictions.
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All information in a single window

  • The moment one creates an event, he or she can expect the complete details of the participants in the booking module. Such a feature assures the effective tackling of any errors in the future. The customers’ phone numbers, emails and addresses will be safe with the system. Therefore, Such a backup will easily facilitate communications during the needed hours or for collecting feedback after the events.
  • The users can access the data for planning future events. Through customisation, the retrieval will be possible for creating future events. Designing of communication strategy becomes easy, and one can go ahead with proper planning even before the creation of a venue booking alert.

Mass management with ease

  • The venue booking system comes as a blessing for the organisers of mass national or international events. On such occasions, no manual organisational skills will work better than ERP-based planning. Whatever be the number of participants, the management will not be an easy task with the Odoo venue booking module.
  • The success stories of various companies organising mass events are also instrumental for the success of the outdoor venue booking system. Event managers have gained more power to control even mega international events using their personal computers or smartphones. Above all, With fewer human interventions, companies can save time and human resources energy to host the events.

Minimal errors

  • Issues such as double booking and mismanagement will be a thing of the past in the event module. The accounting wing will have a trouble-free time dealing with the collections. Unlike the manual collection method, the complete record of the transactions will be available with a single click on using Odoo, the best ERP. A lot of innovations are also on the card to make it the favourite pick.
  • A simple workflow gives better ease of access for the users and the management. A highly responsive design with flexibility makes it a favourite pick for all event organisers. So, Dynamic and easy seating arrangements become a simple task. Above all, the configuration is simple and easy to complete on time. So, Those having the latest event booking tool can also think of updating it with the latest additions in the future.

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