Odoo Inventory Assistance to Small Business Ventures | Coverage Report

October 12, 2020
Are you worried about stock management? Is out-of-stock, overstock, and dead stock of products disturbing you?

Toss away all your concerns. Bassam Infotech, the best Odoo Implementation Company, offers you the finest solution for inventory-related worries with the best inventory coverage report.

Implementing ERP can help you get stock of the products. Get a clear picture of what to purchase from the vendors to meet your inventory needs. Know the exact season for stocking a product. With Odoo Inventory Coverage, an advanced ERP assistant one can generate inventory coverage reports within a few seconds.

Odoo inventory coverage gives you a vivid idea of when the product will be out of stock. The availability of products in multiple warehouses can be checked with a click on the inventory coverage report. It helps to substitute a product from another warehouse if the product is out of stock in one warehouse. 

ERP assistance to Small Business Ventures with Odoo Inventory Coverage Report | Odoo Open Source ERP

  • Quick management of in-stock and out of stock of products

Odoo Inventory Modules helps to generate spot reports on the availability of products. With a complete solution for taking stock of product availability, Odoo Inventory module provides assistance to check the stock status. The management of product stock based on a time period is also possible with ERP tools. Implementing ERP also ensures you support to track product availability at different warehouses at the same time.

  • Suggest buying pattern

Odoo Inventory Coverage Report is the ultimate solution to prepare a stock planner. With an efficient tracking system of products and stock, Odoo helps an investor to decide when to refill the warehouse. The demand for different products and product variants can also be traced with an ERP solution. It could easily help the investor choose the products to be purchased to refill the inventory.

ERP assistance to Small Business Ventures with Odoo Inventory Coverage Report | Odoo Open Source ERP

  • Prepare a report for multiple warehouses

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software offers cloud-based platforms. It helps to integrate the operation of different warehouses. The stock tracking of different warehouses can be done simultaneously with Odoo ERP. Inventory coverage report for multiple warehouses located at different places becomes a simple task with ERP support.

  • Forecast Stock requirement for warehouse

Odoo is the best open-source software, provides the user with complete assistance for forecasting stock. Pictorial representation of the forecast report lists out the products on demand. It also facilitates the generation of alert messages for out of stock products for the warehouse. A custom ERP also ensures the best analysis of warehouse performance and stock report.

ERP assistance to Small Business Ventures with Odoo Inventory Coverage Report | Odoo Open Source ERP

  • Prepare sale forecast report.

What makes a business successful? The efficiency of the investor to see the buying pattern and improve the forecasting method surely has an important role in the success of a business venture. Odoo ERP solution gives support for forecasting sale patterns. It also supports the analysis of the forecast report by comparing the forecast report with the actual sale data. Such an efficient system helps to plan business for the future.

  • Prepare a report for a time period.

Performance reports of different products on sale helps the seller to improve the business. With the Odoo inventory coverage report, a user can easily generate a sales report of work for a given period. The sale report of a warehouse for a given period can also be generated without difficulty. The seasonal forecast becomes possible with Odoo support. ERP application helps to organize every aspect of a warehouse, including stock status for the given period.

  • Forecast sale with a set of rules

ERP can assist you in setting rules for forecasting market trends. This helps to improve business and multiply the sale of a product. A user can easily get the support of the sales forecasting feature of Odoo as Odoo enables the integration of sales, inventory and other modules.

  • Detailed and summarised report generation

The inventory coverage report is a comprehensive system to generate different types of reports for improving the performance of a warehouse. With Odoo open source software, an investor can generate detailed reports as well as summarised reports. A detailed report of products will help to get the sale of a particular product for a period along with the purchaser details and other information. The summarised details help to generate reports on in-stock products and out of stock products.


  • Recommend products for reordering

Inventory coverage report gives you an insight into the products requiring reordering; this will be done after analyzing the sales demand. The Odoo software solution will automate the examination of the warehouse. Auto Generation of alert to prevent a product from running out of stock helps the investor to win the confidence of the customer. The product reordering recommendation prepared by Odoo is accurate. Odoo inventory coverage recommends reordering after studying the sale pattern and demand for a longer period.

  • Integrate different wings to improve business

Odoo ERP supports the integration of sales, inventory, accounting and finance, purchase and administration wings for better planning of a business. The sales wing can take note of stock availability in the inventory. The inventory wing can alert the purchasing wing about the stock status. Based on the stock report generated, the purchases wing can go ahead with the purchase after getting a nod from the accounts wing.

  • Filters for generating different types of reports

The Odoo inventory module allows the use of different types of filters for generating different types of reports. Report on products in stock, out of stock, sale patterns, forecast report, and warehouse wise reports is possible with Odoo. The report generation will help to improve customer satisfaction rate. It can also improve the coordination between multiple warehouses.

  • Compare the forecast report with the actual report

Odoo supports forecasting of sales and demand. At the same time, it ensures the preparation of accurate reports on actual sales. Analysis of actual with the forecasted reports enables the investor to learn the efficiency rate of forecasting.

Whatever your business dream, Odoo is here to give you the best support. Don’t lag in adapting the best ERP that could take you to the heights. The best Odoo implementing company, Bassam Infotech is here to extend ERP assistance to small business ventures with Odoo Inventory Coverage Report.


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